How to handle being sick

I don’t know about most of you who read this blog, but I have a real problem of going to the doctor when I am first feeling sick. Usually, I will wait and wait and wait until I finally can’t stand it anymore and I go to the doctor. I wait even longer when it comes to going to the dentist. You would think by the time I am about to turn 70 I would’ve learned to embrace the fact that when you’re sick you must go to the doctor. Well, here I am again, coughing and hacking and feeling very weak. This time, I did go to the doctor a few days ago thinking that this was an allergic reaction to the tree pollen. Instead of seeing an MD I saw I nurse practitioner. And after describing my symptoms she prescribed an inhaler and some pills to handle the allergies. After visiting her I went straight to the pharmacy and got the medications. I was somewhat proud of myself for not waiting so long to go to the doctor. Well here it is about a week later and I’m still coughing and hacking and feeling weak. You would think that I would go back to the doctor’s office. But no, the last time I went it cost me a good amount of money just for the medications. And it seems like every day I start to feel better and then I start to feel worse. So, if I go to the doctor when I’m feeling good nothing happens. But when I’m feeling bad I don’t feel like driving to the doctor’s office.
So how do you handle being sick. I have always been told that men are such big babies when they are sick. Even worse than young children I’m told. And so, I’m reluctant to tell anyone feeling bad. But it doesn’t take long for my wife to see was going on. And so, after admitting that I’m feeling bad I try not to be like a big baby. But it’s like some magical transformation happens and I become the big baby. Honey can you get me this. Honey can you get me that. And then it seems like time she suggests something to help me I’m reluctant to take that advice. Somehow, I believe that eating chicken noodle soup will cure any kind of illness. It seems like each time that I’m feeling sick the weather is perfect. May is a great month in Texas and the weather, while I’ve been sick, has been ideal. And so, each day I tried to get up and out and each day I end up walking back into the house and trying to take a nap. If you are married you realize that you’re being sick will expose your wife or family to the same illness you have. So, there is no hugging or kissing because of fear of passing the illness on. But being a man, when I do feel good I do want to kiss and hug and maybe a few things more. But even if I were to try I know I will be reminded that I’m sick and to stay away. So how do you handle being sick?
Do you move your sleeping quarters to another bedroom? Do you eat your meals alone in another room? Do you set up an intercom system so that you don’t have to speak directly to anyone? Do you set up a second kitchen so that you can make your own meals? Do you just sit and watch TV all day long or read a book all day long and not go outside? Have you handle being sick?
I’m not sure that I have a thought on this that will work for anyone. I know I don’t like the inactivity when I’m sick. In those brief moments that I feel well I want to go outside and do something. When I see my wife, I want to hold her and kiss her but I know that I shouldn’t get near her so she doesn’t get sick. I have found out that even with all the channels I can get now, I really don’t like what’s on TV during the daytime. I can’t follow any kind of the soaps and I’m kind of tired of all the DYI programs on housing and auto mechanics. And I really get angry when it’s an info commercially goes over half an hour. I even imagine that I should start working on my next book, but I get so tired and weary that my attention quickly goes to the easy chair and a nap.

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