The power of water

In the last couple of days, the skies opened and the rain came down, which I have greeted with great joy. No matter what the reason, the last couple of years have been a lot drier than the years before. When I moved to my property about four years ago there was a small pond almost like a large puddle on the property. I spent several months during the summer using my John Deere tractor to try to enlarge the pond. And I was fortunate, that year because as soon as the pond was as large as I was going to make it, there was a huge rain event and it immediately fill the pond. In the following years, I would go fishing at large lakes and I would bring home any largemouth bass that was at least 14 inches long, and put them into the pond. About two years ago I noticed small baby bass swimming along the shorelines. I was thrilled that the bass that I brought into the pond were reproducing. For the next year, the rains came regularly and the pond would go up and down in the level of water. But for the last few years the rains have been less and the water line has gone down.
To do some water runoff management I developed some small channels with the design to catch the runoff water from the rains and direct them into the pond. In doing so, I became real familiar with the pathways on the property and the areas in which the rain runoff destroyed the pathway. So, I tried several methods to direct the water. There was one large rain event where I found a bass some 300 yards outside the pond. Apparently, the rain flow was so dramatic that it picked up the fish and floated it all the way down the runoff stream.
Well, with yesterday’s rain event the water runoff gouged out large pieces of pathways besides filling up the pond. I’m always amazed at the power of the running water as it moves large amounts of dirt from uphill to downhill. I try to take advantage of that by going to the areas where the water has moved bits of sand into a flat area and therefore there is a large deposit of clean sand. Sand I use in making cement.
I realize that large beautiful areas like the Grand Canyon are results of wind and water. But, it took many thousands of years for that to happen. What amazes me that my property is the amount of earth that is moved in just one rain. Especially, where the water seems to have made a drop off area and small waterfalls gouge out holes in the earth. An earlier blog I’ve spoken about the power of water as it relates to human needs to drink it. Today, I’m talking about the power of water to move earth. Even exposure to rocks shows the power water. As much is I’ve tried to manage the flow of water, I find the water takes its own path and will work its way around any obstacle I put in its path. I also noticed a large 12-foot section of pine tree as it had been moved from the small creek like area that leads into the pond and put the log into the pond. It was not a small piece or a short piece of wood. Yet, as the rain came down in sheets it lifted this large log and floated into the pond. I had moved that piece of log before and it was heavy and therefore rolled into the creek area. I was really amazed at the fact water would be able to lift that log moving 30 feet until it floated into the pond.
So, the thought for the day is about how powerful the force of water is. Of course, it is visible when a hurricane hits or tsunami approaches. But it is amazing that just a rain event can be so powerful and in such a small amount of time. The power water is truly amazing.
Love Pops

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