March Madness

This year I’ve had a lot of fun watching the college basket playoff season. And as we are at the end of the season the title of March Madness seems appropriate. Whether you are watching the NIT tournament or the NCAA men’s or woman’s tournament you cannot help but feel all the excitement and the pride that is demonstrated by the players and especially the fans of the different colleges.
On the other hand, there seems to be a continuing march madness in the Congress of the United States. Both parties seem to be acting the same as in the last administration’s congress. Unlike college basketball, the House of Representatives and the Senate still look like they are going to continue to be unproductive and bitter towards each other during this administration.
During the basketball season and especially during the playoffs, you can’t help but see the pride and excitement about the game. Even though each group of fans cheers for their home teams, at the end of the game you will see the players of each team line up and walked by the players of the other team to say that they appreciated the game. The winning team fans may pour out upon the floor and jump up and down with the players. The losing team fans will slowly exit the facility and talk about next year. What doesn’t happen is that both sets of fans pour out on the floor and start fighting and calling each other names. I believe that each group of fans wants to see a good game. And at the end of that game they are excited to have been there. Each year, during the March Madness, there is a team that was not highly rated who goes to the finals. And each year, even if your team is in the finals, you still kind of hope for the Cinderella team and for close game. Many games are won by just one or two points. All the games that are covered by the news media, sports commentators, are usually positive about both teams. They like the fan set and watch the game. The sports commentators are experts in their field and no matter who wins the game they seem to be positive in their description of the teams in the game. Another issue is the coverage of the college basketball games versus the coverage of the United States Congress and the president. Sports broadcasters usually find some way to show the good side of each team. The broadcast is usually positive and exciting. During the game the broadcasters will point out not only some of the positive players on the floor but their positive effect in their community in college.
Professional news broadcasters usually find some way to show the bad side of the Congress and the president. Especially with this president and Congress, they put the spotlight on the negative rather than the positive. It almost seems like they want someone to fail so that they can have a good story to tell. I really do not believe that the major news studios and broadcasters are fans of the United States and its citizens. I think they’re more into making money for their studios whether it is good or bad for the country. I know they must put on news, but lately it seems like it’s very biased. It just depends on who the editor and producers are as to what news hits the air.
Even though I graduated from the University of Pepperdine and Sam Houston State, I am a fan of Notre Dame. And Notre Dame fans are always excited and respectful of the other teams that they play. I’m excited when they win and I still appreciate them when they lose. Year-round I am a fan of the Notre Dame team.
This year I wish the Congress of the United States could start acting more like college basketball teams. I would expect them to compete on the floor of the Congress and argue for their ideas. And I expect them to promote which party they come from. Just like the basketball teams who wear the jerseys when they play. I would enjoy a good battle over any issue. But I would hope at the end of the game there would be a winner and a loser, not another stalemate or non-action. I wish the winning party could celebrate their victory and appreciate their opponent. It would be great if at the end of the game or debate, that each party would take time to congratulate the winner and show appreciation for the game to the loser. The fans of the different parties should proudly show their colors and root further team. But they should also learn to respect the other party. Currently, it seems like each party takes great pride in showing the defeat of the other party on any issue. Rather than enjoy the victory as a victory for the United States, they tend to poke your finger at the other party. I enjoy in a good debate. But I do not enjoy the ugliness and inefficiency of the Congress of the United States. I would hope that each team or party would be proud of its affiliation with that party and would fight hard together as a team for their party.
Just like a college basketball game, the fans gather or watch the event with great excitement and pride in their party. Each basketball team takes pride in their coach, in their college, in their team and in the fans. Just like in college basketball not everybody gets to play on the floor. Just like in the Congress of the United States not everybody gets to play on the floor. But it appears to me that the Congress of the United States takes more pride in themselves and in the people who voted them into office. They take more pride in being an independent player or a star player rather being part of the team.
In college basketball at the end of each season, some players get to continue to next year and some players have come to the end of their playing days. For the most part, it is a four-year run. I think that is the way it should be with our congressmen. They should have a four-year run and then go on to something else.
March madness is a great time of the year for basketball. Whether they win or lose the teams will change and the next year will bring excitement and fulfillment. The fans of the college team will be there year to year to positively cheer their team on. Unfortunately, I think that the United States is in a March madness season all year long. The difference is that the March madness in college basketball is a positive experience. The bad news is the Congress of the United States is a bad experience. There is no team in the Congress and the United States needs both teams to work together for their college the United States of America. And winner lose the game they need to appreciate each other and surprisingly help the United States regain its pride.
I am a member of the fan club for the United States of America. I will continue to cheer for that team.
Go Irish
That’s it today from Popsontheporch.

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