The hawk

if you read this blog you are familiar with the fact that I live in the forest. It is not like a national park or far away from any kind of civilization. It is a piece of land that is on the outskirts of a small town surrounded by other large chunks of land. The most interesting part of living on this land is the abundance of wildlife. After living in a large city for most of my life, I think I started to believe that all the wild animals were slowly disappearing.
Well, I didn’t have to go far off the beaten path to find out that they do still exist in their own world and habits. In the last several years I’ve noticed the presence of a red-tailed hawk flying around my property. In the beginning, I was more worried about the hawk coming in and grabbing one of my small dogs for a meal. But luckily, any time to small dogs were out and about, so was my large dog. I’ve never seen the hawk flying above or around the small dogs. Even still, the presence of such a large and beautiful bird flying around my property always was a beautiful site. Lately, I’ve noticed that the presence of the Hawk seemed to multiply. That’s when I realized it was a couple of Hawks. It wasn’t long before I noticed both the hawks landing in a tree near my pond on a regular basis. It was soon apparent that they had built a nest.
One day as my wife and I were at the pond, my wife looked up at the tree were the Hawks had their nest only to see them mating. The very next day as I looked up into the tree I too saw the Hawks mating. During the next week, each time I was see the Hawk fly by I would follow its action. On one sunny afternoon, I watch the hawk flyover me with the snake clenched in its claw. The site immediately made me think of the” don’t tread on me” flag.
That’s when it occurred to me that as much as things change around us some things stay the same. The Hawks continued to search the fields for mice and snakes to feed their young. The snake still slither around the ground to eat the eggs of other birds. The mice still hide in the fields and race from site to site to find food. All this action happens in a small wooded area next to a highway outside of a small town. The sound of a train rolling down the tracks and the hum of the tires of the 18 wheelers driving down the highway have not stopped me from hearing the screech of the hawk as it flies nearby.
The armadillos and the raccoons still run the area while that night. The evidence is the carnage left on the highways as the small animals try to cross the road. Let me also put into that scenario the skunk who seems to have a mating season twice a year and in doing so gets run over in large numbers on the highway. Along with the screech of the hawk the odorr of the skunk still exists. Man’s existence on this earth and his growth have not eliminated these sites sounds or odors.
Let’s get philosophical. Like the seniors of the generations before me, I sometimes feel like the world was falling apart and the future looked dim. Once while researching a paper for college I began reading the headlines from the newspapers of the 1800 and 1900s. And in those headlines and articles I found the same fear for the future. The people of those times felt like the world was falling apart and the future looked dim. Even in the 1940s and 50s after World War II was over and many families found themselves in a much better position than their predecessors, the cloud of a nuclear war began to hangover the population.
Today as I look around my property and still see the hawk flying and the snake slithering with the mice running left and right, I find that nothing has really changed. There are Hawks and they search the area for the week and the meek. Their survival is dictated by the fact they can search and find weak and meek. For some people the Hawk represents the rich and powerful. For me, the hawk represents people who feed on people.
I am not saying that the “don’t Tread on me” flag or followers represent the rich and powerful. It is my experience that they are very conservative and they will destroy the snakes of this earth if tread upon. They are the core of the USA population and if awoken they will respond.
The Hawk is a symbol of strength, but the Hawk is also a hunter and a killer. There are people, who are Hawks. Thought the human Hawk doesn’t have to be rich or powerful, it just has to be an one who preys on other weaker individuals.
There are still the armored shell people who resemble an armadillo and when presented with any kind of danger, roll up into a ball and hope that the hard-shell will protect them. And of course, there are still people who like the skunk can leave a horrible odor. You might find them on Facebook, people like to make a stink about anything around them that may offended or threatened them. Unfortunately, there still are the mice. The weak and small of our society who run around trying to find food to just exist while trying to blend into society. They are not only the old and the very young but there are large portion of every population.
Now you may be thinking that pops is going off the deep edge. No, my thought is that the more I look at it, the more the world seems to be the same. There continues to be a natural order of things even if that order includes the changing human environment. The world is not coming to an end or getting worse. The world continues to exist with the Hawks and the snakes and the mice.
No matter where you live, take time someday to look around you. Even in the cities there continues to be a touch of nature. And if you’re fortunate enough to get away from the city look at all the things that continue to be the same. The grass that grows and the weeds still grow. The world is not coming to an end, it is continuing to develop.
Don’t let the negativity of current events or relationships make you think that the world is coming to an end. Look up into the skies, look down upon the ground and realize that both have been there since the beginning of time.
If you can, have some fun with it. Imagine that skunk that is laying on the road as someone who you believe is evil and when they went across the road they got hammered by truck. Even though their odor still exists, in a week or so, that order will permanently disappear.

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