Well I guess that I was wrong.

Have you heard somebody say?” Well I guess I went to the well too many times or don’t go to the well too many times”? I think that has a higher meaning than the actual verbiage. But in my case I went to the well too many times. If you follow my blog you know that some time ago I started hand drilling or digging a well. After about four failures I finally got a 2-inch PVC pipe 30 feet into the ground until I hit rock. I then proceeded to put an inch and a quarter inch pipe down the 2-inch pipe with several devices that kept the dirt out of the water. I put a pump on the pipe and attached an electrical motor to the pump and began pumping water. At first I was thrilled that I was getting any water at all. And after several tries at using motorized water pumps I ended up with a pincher pump much like the one you might see on an old farm. After about an hour of hand pumping I attached the electrical motor and let it do the work. Even though the well would only produce about 5 gallons in a half an hour soon it had nothing left, I hoped that after several months of pumping water out of the well the amount of water coming from the well would greatly increase. Well I was wrong.
After reviewing my technique and set up I realized that I really need either a wider whole or I needed to go deeper into the ground. Both will require me to undo all the things that I’ve done and to start over. When I first thought of this I felt a little frustrated. In the beginning, I did a lot of studying and of course looking at YouTube’s to try to figure out how to dig my own well. And I thought I was successful so I continued going to the well and pumping out what water it would give me. Instead of the water supply increasing it has remained remarkably the same. And I mean almost the same amount of water coming out of the ground. My purpose for this was only to supply water to a pond that I put fish in. But it is now clear to me that there is not nearly enough water coming out of that well to help keep my pond full during the dry months ahead.
I went to the well too many times and ask it to do too much. This brings to mind the philosophical side of the statement of going to the well too many times. I’ve always felt physically good and I always expected that I could produce enough energy and stamina to complete any project. Especially after I ran three marathons when I was in my 40s. I just went to the well and pulled up enough energy to allow me to finish the race. Now, it seems like the energy is no longer as plentiful coming out of the well. I am having a hard time grappling with that idea. But it is as evident as the amount of water coming out of my well, I just don’t have the same amount of energy.
I know that will not stop me from trying but I hope that by now I will know how to manage or budget my energies and efforts. So, this is a thought for my blog today. Look at how much you’re asking of yourself or how often you are going to the well. Even at a younger age I think you need to learn how to manage all your assets. You may come from a family that has always encouraged working long and hard to achieve a goal. You may have come from a family that taught you to smell the roses and enjoy some moments rather than go back to work. Either way you may be at a point in your life that feels like things are overwhelming. My thought is to start managing your energies and efforts. Don’t go to the well so many times that you run it dry. Don’t work so hard all the time that your health starts to suffer and your relationship with those you care about starts drying up.

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