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Most mornings when I’m drinking my coffee and I go out on the front porch, I have a view of just forest with the background noise of birds. Later, when I go back inside to my blog room I turn on the news. I watch both local news and national news. And it seems to me that most news is centered around the northeast portion of our country. If something happened in New York or any of the northeast portion of the country, the news reporters are all over it. Occasionally you see some that happen on the West Coast. But all the country that stand between the two coast receives but a small portion of the news stories.
For me, and the most irritating parts of the national news is the unequaled stories about weather. During the last several weeks, large portions from the Great Lakes to the East Coast have been intimidated with snow. Wow is that a newsflash, snowstorms and nor’easter’s have always been a part of the year’s activities. Even more interesting to me is that the weather station normally gives plenty of warning of the oncoming storms. Yet there are many stories about people being stalled on the freeway snow being piled up over the parked cars in the city. In my mind, is it not a news worthy story for the entire nation. It is important for the local stations and citizens and for those people that are going to travel to those areas. Well with the computer age we live in, the people that are traveling there can look at a site and see what the weather’s going to be. I really don’t care if 200 cars are stranded on a New Jersey Freeway due to snow. There is a part of me that ask, what the hell are you guys thinking. The news has been telling you for weeks it is going to be a large storm headed your way. But now somebody driving a little Honda decides that they can plow through 2 feet of snow and they’re always surprised when their car slides off the freeway. Then that is on the national news. Then the story is picked up by the local affiliate station. So, I get to hear about it again.
Even Chicago, a major Midwest town, only occasionally gets mentioned in the national news. Unfortunately, it is mostly about the death rate from homicide. Well I am sure the major cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, Louisville, Dallas, Tulsa all have interesting news stories. But the only way you’re going to see them is if you watch the local news. Only East Coast towns like New York, Boston, Washington DC seemed to be worthy of the attention of the national news.
So back to my original thought, where is the news. It seems to me like the logical answer is that the news is everywhere. My issue is with the editors and producers of nation new shows that only seem to only look at the West and East Coast for their news. I realize that most of them are based out of New York or Los Angeles. But for the rest of us who live in the middle of the country or like me in the largest state in the country, Texas, I feel more attention should be given to the whole nation and the many stories within that nation. The new should not just be based on how close it is to the broadcasting stations home.
The other issue I have with national news programs, is that they seem to want to be more like a talk show than a new show. One reporter talking over the other and telling me about a cute little dog that was found on a subway. It seems like each news program wants to has one part of it that is of human interest. Well for me all the news is of human interest but what deserves the amount of airtime given to it. I like many others get most of our information outside our hometown by watching the national news. So currently some editor or producer living in New York decides on what is important enough to put on the national news. As old of an ideal as it is, I want to listen to the news and all the news for all the nation not just New York. Pops

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  1. Like everything these days the news is based off of celebrities and what sells commercial time so basically the news has turned into entertainment rather than information.

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