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I am back at posting on my “Popsontheporch’ blog. I took some time off due to some physical issues, both serious and not serious. I also thought it was time to not share my thoughts on the political arena as it was as crazy as it could be. Therefore, I kept my thoughts to myself and sat back and watched some new history in the United States of America.
During my time, away from the blog, I started feeling depressed and weak. I found it hard to get started on anything. One of the issues on my mind was my age. In one of my prior blogs I wrote about how society has a certain prejudice when it comes to people over the age of 60. In that blog, I mentioned my friend Frank from Sacramento. Frank was in his early 90s and still physically and mentally active. Well the good news is, Frank is in his middle 90s and is still physically and mentally active. When I thought about that again a voice inside me stated,” snap out of it”. There are literally millions of people would love to trade spots with me and enjoy my life. Well that’s what I’m doing, I have snapping out of it. When I’m working on a project or I am fishing I don’t think of anything else. I am so concentrated on those two activities that I don’t worry about the world’s problems or my health.
Like most people, I seek out help and information from various sources. The best sources to talk to one of my neighbors. Several of them are very experienced in all forms of rural and urban life. I also go to the computer and use YouTube to help me with different situations. I also use Wikipedia to help me get some information and background. Recently, I had to take a freeze plugs out of the engine block of my Ford truck. I absolutely have no experience in this. So, I went to YouTube and I must’ve watched 30 videos. After watching those videos, I no longer felt like I was dumb. Some of the people on YouTube are not really experienced or intelligent. In one video a guy use a form of metal putty to fill the hole on the freeze plug rather than take it out and replace it. When researching how to drill my own well I watched people in foreign countries use some clever ideals and then there were some that were just idiots.
The point of that last paragraph was to show that it’s time to snap out of it. Take whatever life has given you and use it to go forward. As our last President, Obama stated, you can’t be afraid to fail. Therefore, I just go forward if I fail I will probably go out and hire professional to fix what I failed at. I watched a little less news and since it’s March I watch basketball. I am back at feeling like I can almost do anything and if I succeed great, if I fail it’s okay. I can try again or hire it out.
I think in my next blog I’m going to write about how all the major new studios center the news around life on East Coast, particularly New York. Even local news broadcast fill a good part of their information from the major studios. As like somebody telling the same story over and over.
So, get back at it, don’t let facts get in the way. Use what you’ve got and don’t be afraid of failure. I’m back at it and I hope you going to enjoy the blog.

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  1. It’s funny how we always find folks that make us say “I hope I’m like him when I get older!” 🙂

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