Two Party System

In some of my past blog entries I mention the fact that it looked like the grand old party (GOP) was disintegrating.  Now it is May of 2016 and I feel even stronger to the grand old party is about to lose its major role in future elections.  No matter what politician you have voted for the past, there was usually just two party choices.  There are the republicans, also known as the grand old party, and the democrats.  There have been some elections that a third party would start to grow, like a Tea Party or the Libertarians.  But each time a new party would start up it would be crushed and consumed by an existing party.

In May of 2016 the republican party has a candidate that is won the primary elections and become the republican party’s national candidate.  What is interesting is that the existing republican party leaders and established contributors to not appeared to support the candidate.

I find myself of not wanting to vote because both parties are so corrupt and out of touch with the health of the nation. But I also cannot give up my right to vote, so I will vote for the least of two bad choices.

I believe this candidate became so popular because he is an outsider, not part of the existing established party system.  During the last eight years, it is my opinion that the senate and the house has done nothing but argue and keep this country from going forward and addressing important issues.  The bickering between the two leaders of both parties has made it hard to support their way of leading our country.

The issue of who is right and who’s wrong on any given issue becomes mute and unimportant.  When all you do is argue without any action resulting from such discussions, there is no progress.  Of course both sides believe they are right and the other side is wrong.  Therefore, there’s nothing but gridlock and ugliness among our nation’s leaders.

To those who look back at what our founding fathers produced in our constitution and bill of rights they should also look back at why those founding fathers revolted against their existing conditions and produced a new nation.  The need to change the existing governments were so apparent that those founders of our country revolt against England and its rule.

I am not advocating that it is time for a complete revolution in the United States of America.  But I do think it’s time that we made some major changes.  To begin with, it’s time for the grand old party to disappear in its current form and those leaders who would continue to exist by following the same way of doing business.

It is time for the democratic party to also lose its power has a single party.  No matter what you call the new parties, it is time for a clean sweep of all existing politicians.  Let’s get the newest generations like the millennials involved to create diversity and change existing political system.

When our founding fathers revolted they believe that all men were created equal and therefore no king or queen or its long blood line should continue to ruled.  I think that today, no family name or relative should continue to hold the leadership positions.  No member of the Bush family or the Clinton family should continue in the highest office of the land.  As much as I was an admirer of John F. Kennedy I cannot believe that just because your last name is Kennedy that you should run for office.  When the same families and the same parties continue to rule the Congress and the White House then there is little chance of any real change. Even if there is a new face in the White House there is no progress if the nations congress is unable to agree and pass meaningful and needed programs.

It is my thought that this should be the beginning of the end of having only two existing powerful parties.  And even if those parties continue to dominate, the existing leaders should be ousted a new thoughts and leaders should come forward. This is on all levels even down to county and city politics.

Finally, what is a super delegate? A rich powerful person who does not have to answer to the voters? Are they a form of lobbyist for special interest? Money rules until the rich lose any connection to the desperate citizens who will think they have nothing to lose if they revolt. Again I am not advocating a revolution in the United States, but rather a revolution in the continuation of just a two party system.


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