Purple Sky

While looking out my window yesterday morning, I noticed that the sky went from a light blue into a light purple and then into a deep purple color. This beautiful sight only lasted for a short time. But I was amazed at the color of the sky. That same day I watched while two red tailed hawks began to fly around my back tree area. All the sudden I watched the one hawk get on the back of the other hawk and I realized that they were mating. I had never seen hawks mate before. Later that same day while sitting on my front porch I heard a loud explosion. That explosion was followed by three more explosions that sounded as if they came from very near my property. The vibration was so strong that it made the water in my pool vibrate. I thought to myself that someone must have a cannon out there.
Each one of these events caused me to have some thoughts. To begin with, I have never seen a purple sky before. I am 68 years’ old and I’ve never seen that color in the sky. I do not know what the explanation is for the purple color in the sky but I sure enjoyed it. This event only took about 10 minutes to happen and then it disappeared. The purple sky made me think of calm times in my life. It was a calming and gentle color. I also realized that I had seen large displays of the color purple before, usually while inside a Vegas casino. I guess it is the color that makes me feel calm. My thought is that maybe I should use some purple in my shop.
The next thought comes from watching the hawks fly so close to my location and then start mating. The mating process looked just like what my rooster does to the hens. But to watch the beautiful large birds as they gently flew around the treetops, as if taking a tour of the property, and then to watch them get down to business so close to my location was amazing. I am not a tree hugger or a nature lover. I grew up in a city, I worked in a city and I consider myself a city boy. But I must admit I was truly taken aside and amazed while watching the hawks. As I walked even closer to the tree that the hawks were at, they slowly took flight and glided around for several minutes before disappearing into the horizon. My thought was how beautiful the moment was and how rare it is to view it.
Then there was a loud sound of an explosion or what I thought was loud enough to be a cannon. Several hours after the loud sounds there was nothing but small rifle and gun fire interrupting the quiet of the forest in the distance. About an hour later, my neighbor drove up on his four wheeler and asked me if I had heard the cannon that he had fired off earlier in the day. I told him I sure did, it shook my shop and made ripples in my pool. My neighbor smiled and told me that he had just bought a civil war era cannon and had fired it off in his front yard. Sometimes instead of calling my neighbor by his name I call him “Marine”. This day I asked, “what in the heck do you need a cannon for Marine?” He just smiled and answered that he just thought it was cool and that he was going to fire it off a few more times just to get the biggest bang for his buck. He had no real explanation for purchasing an old cannon, but as I’ve heard it said before, men are just big boys with bigger toys. My thought at first was, why would anyone want to buy a cannon and then see how loud the explosion can be? And then I thought, why not. He was not shooting a projectile out of the cannon and he appeared to be very cautious when firing the cannon. Different strokes for different folks.
I thought I would put these events into my blog just because I found them different and interesting. I hope that in the following months I can experience many more different events and enjoy each one of them.

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