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Currently or should I say again, there is a lot of attention being on gun ownership. It does not only seemed like every day there is a shooting that takes a life, the reality in America is that many lies are lost every day by the use of a gun. Having worked in a major city like Los Angeles, I got numb to the number of shootings that happened every day and I was very surprised that the number continues to rise year after year. The news media would always concentrate on some kind of unusual death by gun. The fact that a child is been killed from gunfire usually makes the news. Just yesterday I watched a news story about a five-month-old child being killed by a stray bullet. A stray bullet is one that is fired at a target and misses the target continues to travel many times through the walls of homes.

I began to notice and then I began to recommend that people who lived in high crime areas either build or place bricks on the inside of the front walls of their house. This was if there was a shooting or a drive-by shooting where their house might be in the background of the shooting, the bullets would not into the house. The thing about most shooting and drive-by shooting is that bullets rarely hit the target and therefore they are sprayed around hitting anything in the background. Even the military and police units do not practice shooting from a moving vehicle. So for a person without any instruction or practice of shooting a gun from a moving car, the odds are they’re probably not going to miss the target.

I also found that many of the people that I arrested who had a gun did not get it by legal means. There are so many guns on the black market or just in the neighborhood that anyone can get a gun if they are willing to pay the price. Most of the guns on the black market or in the neighborhood are achieved by someone burglarizing a home. Soon after I moved to Texas my home was burglarized. And they stole a gun that I had in the nightstand next to my bed was taken. This was over 20 years ago and the gun has still not been found. It is my experience that the person that steals the gun usually does not use the gun. The reason they steal things from your house or businesses is so they can sell it and use the money for other things.

During my time of working narcotics, I found both the very young and the old were likely to carry a gun in the city. I responded to a shooting where a five-year-old was given a 9 mm gun and told to shoot another person in the neighborhood. The five-year-old was just imitating his 15-year-old brother who was a gang member. The person that was shot was a nine-year-old from a different gang in the neighborhood. I also responded to a call on a 70-year-old woman shot her neighbor because there was a tree and was growing over into her property and the neighbor would not cut it off. Both of these incidents involved a gun that was not purchased legally.

So if you look at the number of guns sold in the United States, there are already so many of them already out there that trying to control future people from purchasing a gun is fruitless. The right to own a gun is given to us by the Constitution of the United States. But for the sake of discussion, let’s say that the sales the gun was completely halted the United States. For example, the sale of cocaine is illegal and all the United States. But does that stop anyone in any city from being able to purchase cocaine? No! People who want the drug or want the gun will be able to find it from a many different sources and countries and therefore there no viable way to stoop gun sales.

If I was to do a statistical study about the number of guns that are already legally carried and purchase against the number of crimes in which that gun is used, I would find that these percentages very low.

Almost every day in every major city someone is shot by someone they know. Most shootings involve friends, family members or acquaintances. I am always amazed about how many people said the gun went out by itself or by accident. If you’ve ever owned a gun and fired the gun, you know that it takes considerable pressure on the trigger for the gun to go off.

If the news agencies reported every shooting that happened every day, that’s all you would see on the television or all you would read in the newspaper (if you still reading newspaper). The fact that there are these mass shootings occurring does not have a clear way of being controlled. People who have mental problems are often alienated and loners. If you would asked the mother father of those people if they were mentally ill, they would probably say no and that they are good people with just a few problems.

The more people there are on this Earth and in the cities the more shootings are going to happen. If your city’s population increases by 50% then I figured that you will find that there’s an equal percentage of increase in shooting. There is no answer to trying to control gun violence. In many states if you use a gun during the commission of a crime you will receive added years onto your sentence. Well first the person has to be convicted of a crime. And when a gun is involved many witnesses do not seem to want to come up in front of the court. Even when a person is convicted of a crime and using a gun they do not serve the full sentence that they were given. If you talk to the young men and women of our cities you’ll find that they do not consider the weight of an added sentence. Mainly because they don’t believe that they are going to be caught or that the shooting was worth it.

While working narcotics in the city there was a cocaine dealer named Freeway Ricky. This 16-year-old young man was very successful in dealing cocaine. He owned the many homes and cars and he had many people dealing for him. He always supplied his dealers with automatic weapons like a TEC nine and Uzee. There were more automatic handguns in his organization than in most police departments. None of those automatic weapons or guns was purchased legally United States. Yet at each location the search warrant was served there were multiple weapons found. Just like the cartels in countries like Mexico, criminals have no problem getting guns. And when a person is not a criminal and wants to get a gun they would have a very easy time getting one, you just have to pay the price.

Does the fact that someone is carrying a gun stop by another person from using their gun? It is my experience that a show of force can influence the decision of a person’s actions. This will not stop a criminal organization from their activities. Criminal organizations just expect that the other person does not have a gun. But if you’ve ever been out in the public location and watch as a large crowd gather and begin to fight, as soon as someone pulls out a gun most of the people scatter. There are times that a gun a battle erupts and the bullets usually don’t hit the target but rather hit other people around the target. If you check, the person who had the gun they usually got it from a family member or friend. It is rare that they actually bought the gun.

It is my thought that gun control is almost impossible to achieve and that the only people that you’re going to be able to control are those people who legally own the gun. The majority of those people do not intend to harm anyone with the gun unless they believe that they’re going to be harmed. There is justifiable homicide where person can use any means possible to stop someone else from killing or causing serious harm.

My thought is that if you carry a gun, you carry a large responsibility about using it. If you talk to most police officers, most of them fired their weapon very rarely if at all during their whole career. Every citizen who carries a gun is also is held to a standard which could lead to their being imprisoned.

To use an old analogy that the cows are already out of the barn, the guns are ready on the street. There are so many people that have bought multiple guns and stored huge amounts of ammunition that trying to control guns has long passed. The reality that there are so many burglaries every day in every town that will continue to provide those you cannot legally purchase a gun away to get a gun.

Until mothers, fathers, family, friends and neighbors are willing to tell authorities when somebody becomes dangerous; there is no way to be able to control who owns a gun. Every son and daughter is precious to those who love them. And for them to call the police or any authority to inform on that person about a mental state or their criminal activity is very unlikely.

Stop trying to control gun purchase. Concentrate on illegal gun activity. The ATF is way understaffed and is handicapped by ongoing competitions from other law enforcement agencies. Importation of guns could be better controlled. But you can’t stop the right of an American citizen of owning a gun. And it’s almost impossible to find somebody to inform authorities that another person is crazy that they are a gangster and that they should not have a gun. I even if that happen, a lot of police forces and agencies that try to enforce the laws are usually overwhelmed by the number of weapons on the street. In my time in law enforcement the criminals always had better weapons.

My thought is that gun control United States is not realistic. The time and energy spent on this discussion should be spent on something else.


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