Mr. Speaker

I was surprised at the announcement of Sen. McCarthy to withdrawal from the consideration for the speaker the house. And now Speaker Boehner will stay on as the speaker until a successor has been selected. This surprised me because it shows how much disarray there is in the Republican Party. How bad is it when, not only one senator did not want the job, but two want the job? Sen. Paul was considered for the job but has reportedly stated that he does not want job. This is no lightweight position. If the president and the vice president are incapacitated, it is the speaker the house who leads the nation.

Speaker Boehner lost control of the house some time ago. So now I hear a lot of talk about putting a new face on the leadership of the Republican Party. I am amazed that there are senators that do not wish to be his speaker the house. What this represents to me is that the Republican Party is crumbling. Could it be that the Republican Party will be in represented by the hard right? Will we as the people of the United States live with a Congress that cannot agree on any legislation? I do not see any third-party organize to come into power in a short amount time. Will this mean that there will be government shutdown because the Congress cannot agree to get along?

I worry about these things because I rely upon certain government agencies as well as state government agencies for my everyday uses. I need roads and bridges, the infrastructure of the nation and state, to continue to be function. I as well as my fellow Americans rely upon the governments to provide the services that are needed to protect our land and to answer natural disasters.

Normally I would’ve expected the Democratic Party to pick up all the senatorial seats that are the party might lose. But when I look at the Democratic side they did not seem to be strong enough to completely dominate the Congress. Hard-line right-wingers have invaded their selves in our society and now have enough money and influence to prevent any large-scale left-wing takeover.

I do not worry about Russia coming over to take us out. I do not worry about China trying to destroy the United States of America. They have their own problems and billions of people take care of. They may want to win some battles along political or financial lines. But they need United States of America to work as a balancing scale.

I will not take time to play the blame game on why we are where we are at now. All I know is that the Republican Party needs a leader that can blend both the older party members and some of the new party members. No matter who becomes the president United States, the Congress the United States has to function for the country to survive and prosper.

My thought for this blog is that the Republican Party will disintegrate if it does not quickly find a leader that can unite both the old and new in the party.


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