It is time to let foreign nation states to take care of themselves.

How many more times do I have to read or watch the news about the United States of America’s involvement in another nation state? For me, it was the United States involvement in Vietnam. For my son it was the United States involvement in Iraq. By the time you throw in Afghanistan and Syria I am looking at some of my grandsons been involved in another war.

Why do we as the United States of America keep getting ourselves involved in other nation’s problems? We continue as a nation, to play the role of policeman rather than that of a nation at war. At the end of World War II the nations that were victorious either took control of the conquered lands or dictated the survival conditions of those lands. Most of the history of war shows that the conqueror or the winner of the conflict takes the spoils of war including the land and the people involved.

Countries like Germany and Japan were controlled by the Allied nations for many years until those nations showed that they could be trusted and they were left to prosper on their own and they have done just that.

But somewhere in the history the United States our Armed Forces have been asked to go to war only to become a police action. Instead of going to war and then accepting the spoils of war, the United States of America has placed itself in foreign nations only to give the territory and control of the territory back to the nation. Instead of fighting a war that has a frontline where the conquering nation takes over the current wars are fought in small circles and spots. One day this circle or spot is controlled by the United States and its allies and the next day is controlled by an enemy that those nations have defeated on earlier date.

In the case of Vietnam, the United States lost the war and deserted the nation. All of those fears of Vietnam becoming a killing zone for its people after the United States left were not realize. Now all these years later the United States has a relationship with the Vietnamese government.

In the case of Iraq, the United States and its allies lost many lives and spend billions of dollars only to watch the people of that nation run in fear and abandon their country rather than fight for it. The United States will openly tell you that the government is corrupt and its fighting forces are quick to take off their uniforms and run from any kind of opposition.

In the case of Afghanistan, we continue not to learn and use lessons from Iraq and now watch a new fighting force called ISIS take over parts of the country with little or no opposition from the local population.

And now in Syria, the people of that nation are quick to let other countries to take care of them rather than stay and fight for what they believe in. Here we are again, trying to act like policeman and to keep the peace while the people who were born and raised in that nation are quick to leave it.

The history of our forefathers, showed that the people of the United States even before it became the United States were willing to fight and die for their country. Even when our country was split apart in a Civil War, patriots of both sides fought and died to stay in this country. Although our ideologies were different, when the Civil War was over the victors of the North went on to control the South for a while. But it did not take long for those who fought for the South to consider themselves as citizens of the United States of America. We as a nation have fought our enemies and fought amongst ourselves. There was no nation trying to act like a police officer to make us get along. And when it was said and done, we are one of the superpower in the world.

My thoughts for this blog’ is that we need to leave those other nation states alone and let them fight for their nation. As long as they can keep running to other nations and asking them to fight for their cause in their home, they will do so.

No matter who wins those fights the United States of America will find a way to develop relationships with the victor. Cuba is a good example of how after time the United States of America will find a way to have diplomatic and commercial relations with a country that was once an enemy.

My thought is that the United States of America will again send put troops into a nation, like Syria, and American lives will be lost while the people of that nation will quickly run from their own conflicts.

If we’re going to go over to another nation and lose lives and spend billions of dollars, then we should take over that nation. It should become the property of the United States of America. They can be treated like Puerto Rico is treated or some of the islands that the United States has control over. And should the time come that that conquered nation is ready to be responsible enough to govern itself; that can happen.

I continue to believe that there are states within the United States that should become their own nation state, like Texas. If you look at all the different small foreign nations that the United States recognizes and spends money him to keep a relationship going, then I think you can accept the concept of conquering a nation or territory and making it a part of the United States of America.

My thought is to let foreign nation states fight their own battles. The United States of America will work out some relationship with the people in control of that nation. There will be political relations with commercial relations like we have with Russia and China. Why can’t we have that same possibility within the nation state on this round Earth.

It is time for the United States to be a little selfish. Let’s spend those billions of dollars on infrastructure of the country. Let’s spend those billions of dollars on health care for all and spin those billions of dollars propping up the economy.

I do believe we need to have a border that is controlled. So let’s spin those dollars on controlling the border and using that same money on helping anyone he wants to be an American citizen to become one.

Let’s focus all of our efforts on getting our elected officials to be able to cooperate with each other to reach the aforementioned goals. Let’s use all that thought power and money to realign the tax code.

Those are things I think we should focus on not going to foreign nations to fight a fight that their own people won’t fight. And in those other nations for the people that do fight and when let them rule the territory and handle all the issues of a growing nation.

If you think I’m talking about being a separatist, you are wrong. I encourage our nation to work with all other nations. We will always have our enemies and when faced with the action of our enemies against us, we should fight. Whether our enemies are invading our land by using troops were destroying our economy by hacking into our computers, these are actions of aggression that we should fight against.

If we have to fight, let’s spin the people power and money to alleviate the drought on the West Coast. Let’s spend the money on infrastructure and spent the time and money on healthcare in the fight against cancer.

I understand that when you send a military general out to an area, that general is going to ask for more manpower and more equipment to achieve what his goal is. SO let’s don’t send the generals out to those countries and if that means they going to get bored at home, let them get bored. They can spend a lot of their time and energy preparing our country against any outside aggression on the homeland.

They cannot win a war and a foreign country when the people of that country act like your friend during the day and work with the enemy of the United States at night. This was the way it was in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and our newest nation Syria. We need to let the people of those countries fight your own fight. We did it as a nation, at first against Britain and then in the Civil War amongst ourselves.

My final thought, let foreign nations fight their own battles. The United States of America will find a way to work with whoever wins.




2 thoughts on “It is time to let foreign nation states to take care of themselves.”

  1. Here, Here!

    If we, as a nation, go to war it should be against a defined country not an amorphic enemy, and which has a specific goal of conquering that country without the time and bugetary limits. If we cannot define that as the goal of a war then we have no business getting involved. We definately have our own national issues regarding hunger, homelessness, education, elderly care, veteran care, border defense, tax code and welfare code that certainly could utilize some of the military budget wasted on policing the world. We seem to have lost our individual pledge to the concept of a nation of United States, bonding together for the greater good of all citizens and to those who choose to become citizens legally. We were once a nation that prided itself on progress and achievement. We have lost our way, we are not being governed by a leader and a Congress that has our internal national interest at the forefront of their politicing, only their own self interest. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

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