I am not a politician

How many times have you heard someone running for public office announced that they are not a politician? Many times the thought behind that statement is that politicians are bad.

A politician’s propose is to support and create laws or policies that govern of the land and, by extension, its people. Broadly speaking, a “politician” can be anyone who seeks to achieve political power in any bureaucratic institution where the ranks are awarded by the kind of support the person has.

Another definition is:

1 a: person experienced in the art or science of government; especially: one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government

2 a: a person engaged in party politics as a profession

b: a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons.

The reality of it is that if you are in the government and you are affiliated with any political party you are a politician. By its definition the government is run by politicians. For those people who are running for office who has never been a politician they must realize that once they are elected they become a politician.

The next general elections are full of both existing politicians and want to be politicians. Even those that are already politicians and are currently holding an office, seem to announce that they do not like the government or other politicians.

If all levels of government are run by politicians, which by definition they are, then the focus should be off the word of politician. The focus of any person this campaign should be on a current issue and how the government and its politicians are going to handle it.

The current groups of people running for the office of President of the United States are current politicians, former politicians or want to be politicians. All of the candidates proclaim that if they are in office they will make certain things happen. An example would be issues around the borders of the United States. But the reality is that no one person can make anything happens. It takes a team of politicians that serve both the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are also those state and local politicians that must buy into any program presented by the federal government. Among those politicians there must be compromise.

During the last round of elections to the House of Representatives and the Senate, there was the awakening of a group called the Tea Party. Initially, they won a lot of votes and positions in all levels of government. They had a very strong and non-flexible message. In the beginning they had an influence on the politics of the government. But as I look around today I see a homogenized Tea Party, they quickly learned that to get anything done there must be compromise.

The people that can get our government to achieve some of its lofty goals are politicians. Before they became politicians they could’ve been any one of many backgrounds. It does not matter where they come from or what party they represent.

Now for the next few months, Republicans, Democrats and Tea Party members will once again battle for the vote of the public. During that battle the ugly face of politics will emerge. There is the name-calling and the use of their political action parties to paint a very ugly picture of anyone other than themselves or their party members. How many hundreds of years will it take for any politician to realize that no one party will ever completely rule. Members of both sides of the aisle must be willing to compromise. Compromise is not an ugly word but rather a working word. Everywhere else in life person there is compromise on one issue or another. For those of those that are married or living with a partner, compromises a part of everyday.

I cannot worry about who will be elected as president or as a Congress member. I cannot worry about state and local officials and where they fall out in the election. What I do worry about is that those who are elected will not embrace the term politician. Once a politician my fear is they will again forget how to compromise. I fear that the federal government will once again become somewhat paralyzed by its inability to get a law passed.

I do not think that there should be families of royalty who continue to hold the leadership positions of our country. Whether they are Democrat or Republican, I think they will carry with them the attitudes and prejudiced of their families. I’m not sure that a successful businessman who equate into a successful politician.

The more I look at it I find myself in favor of some of the states of our nation separating itself. Texas is one of those states. This is not such a radical thought. In other parts of the world nation-states have either changed their boundaries or completely separated into other nation-states.

I feel that the policies made by the current politicians are deeply rooted in the northeastern part of our country. The country’s leaders live in the East, Washington area, which keeps them basically separated from the part of the country they were elected at. An example is the need of water. On the East Coast waters not a real issue. Look at any other part of the country, especially the West Coast, and you find that water is a very real and immediate issue.

I’m not asking that every state in the United States separate from each other. But in my mind, the issues that are worked on daily by our federal government agencies are based in and centered around the East.

My hope is that the politicians that are elected embrace the ideal of being a politician and they realize that without the help of other politicians our country cannot continue to be a great place to live work play.



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  1. Our Founders also did not like how the policies and laws were made by men that were hundreds if not thousand of miles away and did not properly represent their local needs.

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