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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready for some sunshine. During the last month in my part of Texas it has received a lot of rain combined with overcast skies. I am glad to see the rain fill up the lakes and streams and provide the nutrition that my trees need. The downside to all the rain and overcast skies, is that I stay inside most the time. With the weather being so cold in temperature, I spend a little time in my shop working on projects; I do not have the shop insulated yet. I am telling you this because in an effort to fill my day’s activities, I decided to clean up my computer. Almost everyone has some sort of antivirus program on their computer. I have two computers at the house, one of which I do my work for this blog. Last August I bought a McAfee total protection 2014 antivirus program. The program stated that it was good for three computers. In August, I placed the program on my main computer. My secondary computer or blog computer already had a McAfee program on it that was good until March. Some days before the program expired I attempted to install the new McAfee 2014 program I had bought in August. I must’ve spent two days trying to get the program to download. Since I did not want my computer to have no antivirus program, I downloaded Avast Free Antivirus program. The problem with the free program is that my computer then became bombarded with sales pop-ups .About three days ago I decided to try to download my McAfee total protection 2014 program again. This time I went to their website and made a request for help. Within a few minutes I received a message from McAfee via e-mail that gave me a service request number and the message that someone would get back to me. After two days I have still not heard from McAfee. So I sent off another e-mail and I also called their 1- 866 number help line.

Here is the reason for today’s blog. The person on the other end of the line was in India. Probably like most people, I found it hard to talk to the person as it was difficult for me to understand their accent. Even though the person was speaking English, their accent was hard to understand. Secondly, the person I was speaking to was following a script. I might as well been talking to a computer generated voice. The McAfee employee was very polite and yet it was very irritating to talk to them. It seemed like every question I asked was then compared to a list of frequently asked questions answered with a scripted response. There were many times that I experienced a problem in communicating with the person. Either I misunderstood them or they misunderstood me. The first person I spoke to was actually in consumer support. After about 10 min. of talking to this person they informed me that they did not have the technical knowledge to help me and that I should contact their technical support people. I was given another service number and transferred to the technical support people. I don’t know about you, but I’m always nervous when I’m transferred to someone else. So once again I began to explain to the technical support person that I was having problems installing a McAfee program. At first the person explained that there would be no problem and that they would assist me in installing the program. After about an hour on the phone with this technical support person I was told that that person could not help me any further and that he was going to transfer me to the technical master’s person. Once again I began speaking to a person in India, after waiting on hold and listening to some really poor music; it took approximately 10 min. to even speak to them. For the first time the person on the other end of the phone was not polite and after only 10 min. told me to wait and see if the computer could handle the activation download action and that I should call him back. What he meant was I could call a different 1 866 number and again go into a queue line and wait for somebody to answer which probably would’ve not been the person I had spoken to earlier.

After about 90 min. of talking to somebody from India I was totally frustrated. But here’s the glitch, I know that the people on the phone are just doing their job. And I realize that McAfee uses people in India because it’s cheaper than people answering the phone in the United States. I believe that the people on the phone are trying to help you but they are so programmed and scripted that many times they have little effect. There are times that I wish it was just a computer generated voice that I was talking to, so I could yell at it while on the phone and vent some of my frustration. Because it is a human being on the other end of the line I find myself holding in my frustration until after I hung up the phone. Then I find something else to yell at, usually it is some inanimate object that I have been staring at for a long time while talking to the person on the phone. If the information that I am requesting is so heavily scripted why can’t I have the option to just talk to that computer-generated voice. Then when it says it doesn’t understand I can make some obscene comment and the computer-generated voice will just say that he did not understand me and please say it again. I realized that I’m asking for help when I call the companies help line. And when I call that help line I expect the person that answers that phone to be capable of handling my entire request. But the reality is the first person to answer the phone has a minimal instruction and usually follows a very controlled script.

Eventually, I was able to install the program without the help of the people in India. Not because I was able to figure out the problem by myself, but after several hours on the phone and listening to all the probabilities they suggested I use trial and error to obtain my goal.

My thought is that such a large company as McAfee should be able to provide me with a choice of talking to a person in India or talking to a computer via its computer-generated voice. Since both are scripted in tightly controlled anyway I would like the capability of venting my frustration while on the phone rather than letting it build up and blowing up after I hang up the phone.





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  1. You could ways call the tech support that you have family connections with. The old boy network is alive and well when you call that number. 🙂

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