A frog and a toilet


I had an interesting experience yesterday that was so unusual I thought I would share it in my blog today. Let me start out with a little history of unusual happenings over the last 20 years. There are a few so this won’t take long. What makes these happenings unusual is that my wife is present at each one of them. 20 years ago after my wife and I began living in a house in the high desert of California we were surprised when a small snake fell down the chimney onto a cardboard pizza container that I was about to burn. I mean what are the odds that a small snake is going to crawl up a roofline and into the chimney and then as I and my wife were eating our dinner in front of the fireplace the snake would fell on the pizza cardboard box. Well we both jumped up and there was some screaming done. I was able to quickly capture the little guy and throw it outside. During that same period time as my wife and I with our children were laying on the living room floor, a large tarantula crawled across the floor. Even though these spiders are not really dangerous to human beings they are truly a huge and scary looking spider. Once again my wife and I jumped up and there was some screaming done as I corralled the spider under a bowl and was able to take it outside and throw it to the wind. At a later time while living in the same area I made a doggie door that opened into the garage which had an attached garage. Also in the garage was the dog food for our little dogs. This was a mistake. One of the first creatures we found in the house was a large round eared rat, almost as big as a cat. Once again we both jumped up and there was a lot of screaming done. After 20 min. of trying to chase the little critter around and cornering him, he was captured and again taken outside. The little doggie door produced another critter, there was a squirrel who came into the doggie door to eat the dog food. Well as you can guess when you startle a squirrel it will run all over the place and after about 20 min. the squirrel found the doggie door that he came in and so it left that way.

At another house, we had an outside patio area with the usual table and chairs and umbrella. One afternoon while the sun was shining I decided to open up the umbrella. To my surprise a small bat had made the dark section of the umbrella its home. This produced another startle reaction and some screaming. Of course the bat was just offended and quickly flew away. At yet another house I had a wraparound porch and I experienced my first large frog adventure. While coming in and out of the house I would take off my shoes or boots and leave them on the porch. One morning as I sat down to put on one of the boots I felt movement in the boot and quickly extracted my foot. Within seconds a large frog jumped out of the boot and hopped off the porch. It felt creepy and slimy inside the boot after that. Recently as I put to a blog I was working in my shop and my wife was walking out to the shop and calling out my name to get my attention. At first I did not hear her but soon her voice got loud enough to get my attention. As I looked at her she started pointing towards the large overhead door for the shop. As I looked at the door I watched a very large and I’m going to say an old skunk casually walked by the shop as if on his way to the market. After the skunk walked by, I watched it slowly ramble his way into the high grass.

I am bringing this entire history up because yesterday was probably one of the freakiest events that I’ve experienced in a long time. I was sitting outside on the front porch watering the front lawn when I heard a loud banging at the window behind me. It was my wife as she was quickly motioning me to come inside the house. As I walked inside the house she told me that there is something swimming in the toilet. I was totally puzzled by that and so I went to the toilet and saw nothing. She told me that whatever was had moved up under the rim of the toilet. Of course you cannot see underneath that rim where the water comes into the toilet so I took a brush that sit next to the toilet for cleaning and ran it once around so that the brushes got up underneath the rim. To my surprise out pops a small frog. As if it was irritated and then it quickly climbed back up underneath the rim of the toilet. So I made several attempts to knock it back out and with each swipe underneath the rim I would flush the toilet and use the brush to try to push the frog down the toilet. Of course frogs are quick and great swimmers and this did not work. During most of these attempts my wife was in the background and scream each time the frog appeared. Finally, on one of my attempts to get him out from underneath the rim, the frog jumped completely out of the toilet onto the window next to the toilet. At first it stuck onto the window then he stuck to the wall. Each time that I tried to grab the slippery little guy he would jump away. He jumped from the window to the glass enclosure of the shower. Each time there was a jump it was accompanied by a screen for my wife. Then the frog jumped from the shower area on the floor next to the bathtub. By this time my wife was losing patience on my efforts to be able to catch the frog, so she quickly reached down and to my surprise grabbed a little frog and took it outside.

This adventure with the frog now has each one of us flushing the toilet once before we ever sit down. I’m sure you can think of all the creepy and gross things that can go through your mind if there’s a frog in your toilet and you sat down. This is what gave me the title of today’s blog and the thoughts that go with it. It seems that I have had many experiences with little creatures critters getting into my house and surprising me and my family. I am sure that this would not be the last time, but I don’t think it could get any creepier than looking for a frog in the toilet each time I go to the bathroom.



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  1. I thoroughly enjoy your Blog. So many of your experiences are like my own, and I feel like part of your family


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