Let it go

As I walked out on my front porch this morning, coffee in hand, I turned on the sprinklers to water the front yard. As I looked at the yard I spotted a few places where the grass just refuses to grow. I’ve made several attempts to grow grass in these areas and I have failed. Somehow this got me to thinking about the (GOP) grand old party, the Republican Party. Since I was eligible to vote the majority of my votes have been for Republican candidates and issues. I have on occasion voted for a Democratic candidate or even an independent candidate. And through the years I have watched the ups and downs of each political party. In the past it always seemed to me that no matter what the issue was, there was a time to put it to bed and go on to new and important issues.
That does not seem to be the case today. The Republican Party is talking about suing the President over Obama care. Seriously, that train has left the station. Let it go, get over it and start accomplishing something new in the Congress. It seems to me that the grand old party is shooting itself in the foot as it can’t get over losing the vote on Obama care, healthcare. This is such a huge issue that was debated and debated over and over again. There is nothing new to say about it. The leadership of the Republican Party just can’t seem to get over losing that issue. It is getting to a point of real embarrassment to the people like me. The fact that the Congress cannot get along on any real issue almost seems to be the rule in the past years. Luckily, it appears that one issue will get some attention after both houses of the Congress agreed to sweeping changes and funding in the Veterans Administration. Hurray, both the parties actually agree on something. I would rather see the debate and the agreement or disagreement on any of the new issues rather than go back to rehash Obama care.
Maybe it’s the tea parties influence on the Republican Party. Or is it that some old dogs cannot learn new tricks. Most of the representatives in Congress right now have been there for years and years. And maybe it’s because they fear losing their jobs that they continue to revisit the healthcare issue. What are they going to do after Pres. Obama leaves office? If you are going to hammer the President do so on a current issue of importance. No president is perfect and I believe that any person in public office should face the issues and answer for their views. But the Republicans just can’t get over losing on the issue of Obama care. At this point I wish the Republican Party would get out of the blame game and present some candidates who can relate to the Republican platform and still want to work with the Democratic Party to accomplish something while in session.
I don’t care if you want to blame the Democratic Party or the tea party or the Republican Party. Stop the blame game and start working on getting this country back on its feet. I think we have little to no pull when it comes to getting other countries and governments to work with us on their problems. My thought is to let those countries work it out. And whoever surfaces as the winner of the conflict, we the United States will work to establish communications and relations with that winner.
We need the views of the different political parties to help this country move forward. But forward doesn’t seem to be the direction of where were going. I hope that the grand old party will let go of the issue over Obama care and focus on the current issues. I would hope that the conservatives in the party start looking at the budget and concentrating on the programs that need to be discontinued. Not because those programs were unworthy when they were initiated, but that their issue has been addressed and the programs are no longer effective. The platforms of the Republican and Democratic Party as they are now written don’t really seem that far apart. So I look at the candidate and then their party affiliation. But the GOP has the same old candidates and their inability to let failures go and move on to current important issues makes them less likely my choice or my vote.
I know that my one vote is unlikely to change the result of any election. And I know it’s the Electoral College that elects the president not the voters. I also know that there are upstart political parties trying to make a difference. New parties like the Tea Party and old party’s like the Libertarian party. It may shock you but there’s even a Communist Party of the United States. I do not believe that any of those political parties have a chance of knocking out one of the bigger established parties, the GOP or Democratic Party. But I do believe that at the grass roots of the Republican Party there younger and less bias candidates who if selected could bring the Republican Party back into the mainstream of America. Currently, I believe that the GOP, Republican Party, is falling apart. And I think that those rich Americans that fund the Republican Party may find that they are looking for a new place to put their money.
So my thought today is that the GOP, Republican Party, should just let it go on the issue of Obama care. You fought a worthy battle, but you lost. Live with it, and down the road, try another approach. But right now you look like a bunch of babies crying because they did not get their way. Please, stop the crying and get back to work on the other major issues facing this nation. It may not bother you that you’re losing my vote but I think I’m somewhat a representative of the baby boomer generation that plans to be around for years and years and usually we are the kind of people you get your funding from.
Let it go, let it go, let it go.

One thought on “Let it go”

  1. I had to laugh when I saw the title of this post. That is a phrase that is said 100 times a day in my house, by my girls. I can’t see those words without picturing them singing. I was half expecting to see a post about Frozen.

    It does seem like the GOP is pressing this issue way past when they should have moved on. Healthcare systems have already adapted and are moving forward, to repeal it now would be even more difficult.


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