The death penalty.

Yesterday got up to 99° with 90% humidity. It was brutal and it caused me to stop working several times during the day causing me to come inside and cool down. While taking time to cool down I watched the news. I started out by watching professional golf on TV and fell asleep. Then I went to the velocity channel and watched some old versions of a show called Fantomworks, where they take old wrecked cars and make them look brand-new. So it wasn’t long before I ended up watching the news.
In the news was an article about a prison’s problem of executing the death penalty. As I watched there were those people who were upset about such an inhumane treatment. This is where I shake my head and think, you got to be kidding. It’s death and there is nothing humane about it. The people who receive the death penalty are not lightweight criminals. Usually the crime involves the taking of another person’s life. And the way they take a victim’s life many times is less than quick and painless. Yet there is no cry of how inhumane their crime is. To hear people say that they do not like the way the convicted criminal was put to death makes me shake my head and ask,” you do know that they’re putting the person to death”? Is the way that the death penalty is carried out supposed to be anything but a serving of justice. When there is a crime where a small child is sexually violated and then killed by the criminal, there seems to be no outcry of sympathy for the criminal. There shouldn’t be, those individuals are sick beyond repair and should quickly be put to death. The criminal justice system usually takes 15 years before executing the death penalty. This is even after years of the many reviews of the case thru the appeals process. During that time the criminal is given access to medical attention and the law library. If the criminal has health needs the state or the federal government provides the needed attention during all those years of being in jail and waiting for the execution date.
Lives are taken every day by criminals. Many times lives are taken by the very people that know the victim. What seems to be a “senseless crimes” such as gang violence continue to produce those candidates for the death penalty. I have been through the gambit of the legal system. It is not easy or automatic that a person who is the perpetrator of a crime which results in another person’s death is convicted of a crime. Usually there are several steps before there’s any real testimony taken from a victim or a witness to the crime. Many of the witnesses can be bullied by the defense attorney in the changing just a part of their statement as to what happened. Many times crime happened in just seconds and to absolutely have a clear-cut version of any circumstance is unusual. The use of forensic science to identify a perpetrator can also be challenged by the defendant’s right to have a forensic professional of their own to challenge the evidence. This professional is paid by the defense and can usually be found to dispute any evidence. Not because the evidence is not correct, but rather to put some sort of question in the mind of the judge or the jury. By the time a person has exhausted all the appeal processes it is probably 15 years from the date of the event. I’ve often heard that witnesses recant their statement. Usually it is because their memory has faded and a defense lawyer uses that as a part of the reasonable doubt defense.
I know there were people that had their convictions either pardoned or reversed. Not all are because the person did not commit the crime but because there was an error in the actual court proceedings and therefore the verdict was reversed. Usually by then the witnesses are nonexistent or are unable to clearly recall the event or the prosecuting attorney’s office does not want to spend the time and money that it would take to retry the case.
I think that once the death penalty has been adjudicated and pronounced, the sentence should be carried out within a three-year period if not less. So it does not matter how somebody is put to death, the fact is that the result should be death. If they suffer during the execution then that is part of the death sentence. Dead is dead, it is not injured or diseased they can be treated. The criminal is sentenced to the death penalty and the fact that there might be some pain during the execution seems irrelevant.
The person or persons that were killed by the criminal did not get the consideration of how humanely they died. Certainly the person that killed them and was convicted of the crime should not get the consideration of how they are put to death.
Whether you agree that the death penalty should exist or not, is another issue. But since the death penalty does exist in the issue of how humanely somebody is put to death is ridiculous and not relevant.
I do not like to talk about negative events in the world. But I was a policeman for many years and I had to deal with the families who suffered the loss of a loved one and the criminal who took the life. Usually the criminal is only sorry after he is convicted in court. The family lives on with the pain and emptiness of not having their loved ones around to enjoy life. The family of the criminal also will mourn the loss of the freedom of the convicted criminal and eventually his death. There are no real winners when a life is taken by a criminal act. But I strongly believe that those that commit the crime that takes a life and they are convicted of the crime that results in their receiving the death penalty, should be put to death within a three-year period. How they are put to death does not really matter. Death is death.

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  1. This has been in the news in Ca. A judge ruled that the death penalty was cruel and unusually. Mainly because the system is so flawed and people on death row don’t know when they are going to die. This to me is ridiculous because there victims had no idea when they were going to be killed. I hope this will bring attention to the system to fix it and like you I hope it speeds it up.

  2. Agreed.
    The emotional argument, usually offered up by a bleeding heart liberal, is the cruel and unusual one. The rational argument, based in fact and reason, is if the death penalty is allowed in the state where the crime is committed, and it is determined that the punishment of death fits the crime, the tax payer should not be responsible for the long years incarceration. 3-5 years should be sufficient for the appeals process. The criminal can then choose between firing squad or guillotine. Quick, cheap and effective. no “unnecessary suffering”.

    1. Pop: I agree and like your thoughtful analysis. One more point is the economics. In California the cost to through the legal process to get death penalty is much greater than the cost of incarcerating the criminal.


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