Las Vegas-a melting pot of people

What amazed me about Las Vegas is that it is still a busy and thriving business that draws the spectrum of people living in America and beyond. I have made comments in earlier blogs about the age and the sex of the people in my local casinos. In Las Vegas there were people of all ages including children walking through the streets and casinos. One of the first things that caught my eye while I was people watching was the large number of wedding parties. I witnessed the excitement of many young men and women as they were dressed up preparing for a wedding ceremony. Many of these groups walk through the casino floor on their way to the ceremony site. In the entourage that followed the wedding group was the many moms, dads, grandparents and grandchildren. I think that weddings are more for the women than the men. The women wore some beautiful gowns and usually in high heels. The men like the many penguins up in the North and South Pole, usually dressed in a basic black and white with shiny shoes. The grandparent in me just smiled as a group would walk by laughing and smiling without really noticing the many people around them. The man in me noticed that the women of all ages and sizes were wearing high heels. It must be painful to wear those shoes but it makes the women look great. Usually the younger women wore some very high family heal shoes. And it appears that some of the moms and grandmas wore a little bit lower thicker heel shoe. It was entertaining to watch the women who probably don’t wear such high heels to negotiate the long walk through the casino. The traditional white dress for the bride appeared to be the most common selection. And just like in days of old the women would gather in a flock as they walked out in the Promenade of the casino and then the men walked in a group separate from the women. Later in the evening many of those same young men and women were at the casino playing tables. Some of them had changed into different clothing while other seemed to be comfortable still wearing the dress and tuxedo.

I viewed all of this while I was staying at the Paris hotel casino. It is somewhat like a theme park inside Unlike many of the other casinos who were just about the business of gambling. Maybe this is why I also witnessed so many families with children as they walked along the edges of the casino gambling floor. They all seemed to notice the bright lights and noises of the casino floor, just like I do as an adult. I was also impressed that the average age of the person walking by me was probably in its early 30s. My wife and I did walk through several other casinos as we usually do when visiting Las Vegas. The sidewalks and crosswalks of the street of Las Vegas were filled with people going from one point to another. If nothing else this told me that our economy is doing a lot better now than it used to. I do not think that most of the people that I saw worked in Las Vegas, so they were there to visit and spend money. While driving into Las Vegas I could not help but see all the many homes and small businesses that align the outskirts of the strip of Las Vegas. It is the scene like those of any major city. The homes and businesses on the farthest outskirts of the town were new and beautiful. Many look like they were master-planned community which meant many of them look the same from the outside. And the closer you get to the large casinos on the strip the houses get older with many of them having bars on their windows and doors. This seems to be the same type of progression of any community. The newer suburbs are well kept and as you get closer to the center of town the houses are old and usually there are bars on the windows and doors. Usually when I think of Las Vegas my thoughts are concentrated on the many sights and sounds of the business area. But this time because I was driving into town with my truck I could see all those homes and communities. There are still families going to church and playing in the public parks. They’re still grade schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges being attended by the many people who live in the Las Vegas area. I know that when I was retiring from the Los Angeles Police Department, many of my fellow retirees were moving to Las Vegas. One of the reasons is because of the large boom of the economy and the low price of a home compared to those homes in Los Angeles. An there were a lot of golf courses. Second many went to Las Vegas because of the dry air. While living in Los Angeles the air was an orange brownish haze filled with chemicals. The area of Las Vegas seemed to be a clear air which helped the many people with allergies.

My thought this morning was about looking at the complete picture of an area rather than just focusing on one element of the area. No matter where you go there is more to the place you gone to then meets the eye. You may go to Niagara Falls to watch the massive water fall over the edge of the cliff and then find that the falls is both in the United States and Canada and each as a community that supports the falls. Those communities have the same issues of a city that Las Vegas has. When you go to New York City and you seem to be constantly surrounded by people on all sides and you wonder how they even exist in such a way that appears to be chaotic condition. Take the time to look at little deeper at the businesses and the parks, look at the schools and the condition of each section of town. You’ll probably find that there are many common issues and problems that plague big cities. There are certain parts of the city that you probably do not want to walk down by yourself. Sometimes I think the same thing of some of the many small cities or towns that I drive through. They all have traffic congestion, decaying infrastructure, homeless and crime. Yet each one of those areas seems to continue to exist. So I started to focus on the good things that seem to happen. Look at the many attempts to clean up the main street to make it look nice and bring business to the old businesses along the main drive. I people watch looking to see if those walking by are families or senior citizens walking by themselves. This means to me that the area is safe. I now look to see the shapes of the schoolyards in the public parks. Even though I was a policeman I much preferred to see an area that doesn’t require a police cruiser up and down the streets all hours of the day. How do I get to these thoughts from my trip in Las Vegas? Las Vegas is like any other area, it has a decaying infrastructure and its population continues to to grow. I’m sure it does not want to become another Atlantic City where the casinos are closing along with all the small businesses that rely upon those casinos to exist. I see the same issues that confront the small towns and businesses that also confront a giant city like Las Vegas. And in my mind today is that they are all surviving and the economy is turning around to support their existence.

My final thought for today is that when you go to a location, look at all of the location not just an attraction. The economy is doing well and I hope it continues to do so. And as a man I think women of all ages look good in high heels.                                            Pops

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