Mountain tree, why ask how old they are?.

As I looked out my hotel room I enjoyed the tall mountains and the beautiful view of south lake Tahoe. This areas is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has been decades since I was here last. I had forgotten about how curving and exciting the drive through the mountains to the lake was. Along the way I was in awe of the tall pine trees that aline the road. Some of the trees were about the same as on my tree farm. But there were others that were huge, very wide at the base and tall. In looking at each one I was just taking in the beauty of the trees. And I appreciate their presence. I might wonder about their age but I just appreciate that their there. This got me thinking about how I have been recently viewed. It seems to me that once someone knows your age your are put into a category. Instead of just appreciating ones contribution to the environment at work or at home, If age is brought up it seems to change the view of those around you. Certainly, if applying for a job age is considered and sometimes it is appropriate. But when in a meeting or just a causal setting age does not need a issue. My thought is that no matter how old I am I would like to be viewed for my contributions in my presence or imput to any event.
As a doctor told a friend of mine, it is not the number of birthdays you have had but the biological shape you are in. In my case my exterior looks very used but my mind is still active and growing. The facts that some people have alzheimers, but that does not mean everyone 60 and older has it If you wander what age someone is do not make it so automatic to put them into any category. I am proud that I have survived to my age. And I will continue to feel proud of my age and my contributions to any situation.
I think if someone wants to know my age l will bring it up. But no matter how it is discovered, do not automatically put me into a category, like I am to old to participate or learn. Let me demonstrate my skill before limiting my participation. It is odd that age in the past was equal to wisdom, today it can stop participation. I am usually the first one to state it when I am not up to an event, but I like it that that my performance is what takes me out of consideration.
I do not think that people intend to treat senior citizens with any disrespect, but that is what happens when age is used to limit participation. I feel that when that happens to me I am being disrespected and many times I get a little angry about it. Then I want to pull back from everyone and be alone. Luckily I soon get over that feeling and I want to get back into the game.
Just like my appreciation of the tall pine trees I pass. I do not care about their age I just appreciate what they bring to my life.

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