On The Road

As I walked out onto the back porch of my brother and sister inlaws house I looked up at the San Bernadino Mountains and remembered the beauty of a summer night in the calm mosquito free California night. This was the end of 5 days on the road from Texas to California, the first leg of my three week trip.
I am always amazed that settlers crossed such deserts and mountains in covered wagons and on horse back and foot. While I am driving an air conditioned truck at 75 MPH and I think it is long and sometimes threatening. I witnessed large areas of rain crossing the dessert and listened to the loud thunder of a passing storm. I have not listened to the news for over five days.I have shared the road with hundreds of 18 wheelers and rental vans towing a car behind. It reminded me of my life journey that took me from Indiana to California ending in Texas.I watched the drivers of the vans to look like young drivers, just like I once was. I too drove a rental vans or trailer followed by a second car full of belongings to my new life. The journey was long and hard but I had the dream of a new future that called me to go forward.
It is during these moments that I realize that each generation will have the same journeys. The older we get the more negative we see the world and its problem. The world is going to hell in a hand basket is a term spoken by many generations. Yet those rental vans or those covered wagons continue to roll. There is hope and adventure in those van,cars and truck. I saw that in the last five days and was reminded that hope and adventures must continue to happen.I believe it will no matter how the media proclaims doom and the end of a country. The people of this country will survive and grow. The vans will continue to travel to a new adventure with high hopes. We, the people of the USA, will continue to survive and prosper. It is the forth of July and we cellibrate our freedom and in my mind hope and adventure.
Happy forth of July

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