An Adventure

As I walked out in the hallway of my hotel room after looking out my room window at the parking lot,I finally felt like I was on an adventure. My wife and I have been on the road for two days and we are still in Texas. Yesterday  we stayed at the Winstar Casino,the worlds largest casino. Once again I was amazed at all the people at the casino. There always seems to be more senior women there then senior men. The card tables are busy with more oriental players then anyone group of people. There seems to be an abundant number of wheel chair players, many of who have oxygen bottles with them.  There are players that seem to camp on one machine or one card game. With all the scurrying around and people walking in all direction there seems to be order and an almost coordinated dance. People seem to be nice to each other and follow some unwritten rules. Just like being on a golf course. With all the busy enviroment and adult disney like surrounding, one can get lost in that world. Even though there are many signs asking if you have a gambling problem call this number the effect of the signs are like the warnings on a pack of cigarettes. The owners of the casinos are obviously making money but the casinos also create jobs and and economical boost to the area.  My thought is why it is OK to have a casino in one state and not the other.It is like having the sale of alcohol in some counties of a state and not others.

It is ovious to me that some antiquated established few still control our politics. Is it just the religious organizations (who control games like Bingo) who are so influential that they stop change. Or is it the established gambling and alcohol gaints that want to keep their monopoly. I think it is unrealistic to continue this practtice. If people want to gamble and drink they will, even if they have to travel out of a county or a state to do so. What this means to the states and counties who do not participate are lost tax dollars and lost jobs. When I see all the different states car licenses in the casino lots I know that these people have traveled out of areas that forbid such activities. There of those that will abuse every thing from gambling ,alcohol to sugar and chocolate. Let each person make a choice.

Choice in a free country seems to me to be worth consideration.


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