Why are we in the Middle East?

This week the President of the United States is sending soldiers back to Iraq.Why are we even going there? It was hard for me to understand why we went to Iraq in the first place. But since that has already happened, my hope was that the United States government would’ve learned its lesson. What is apparent to me is that this is a religious war, Sunnis fighting Shiites over the control of their country. Let them fight over their own country. It is obvious that religious leaders seem to control the countries young fighting men. It is bad enough that the young fighting men have lived through the death and destruction of many of their family members over this issue of religion. I think that by the United States backing one of these religions over the other is simply wrong. Our government is not allowed to do so in the United States. Here we have freedom of religion and the government is forbidden to favor any one religion via our Constitution. So why are we over there backing one government that is totally one-sided in its religious choice? There are some other basic issues that I do not understand. In the United States we speak of freedoms for all people including women and children. It seems that in all the Middle Eastern countries women are truly second-class citizens. They seem to be more of a possession than a human being with rights. It also seems that each time one of the existing governments start to have some severe problems they go back to the big brother, the United States or Russia, to support them and their government.

So why is it so important that we send billions of dollars and our soldiers into the Middle East? Who made such strong promises to these countries that we seem almost mandated to be there. I was amazed and revolted at the Egyptian army and police. Most just gave up their uniforms and walked away. If they are not willing to fight and die for their country, why should we send our people over there to die for their country? If the argument is to honor the death of those who had already served and died in Egypt, I reply that we do honor those who served and died there. Then why should we send more people over there. The cost in lives and the wasted billions of dollars can be used at home. This does not seem necessary to me.

Is it in fear of the price of gasoline going up. The people of the United States of America will adapt to that. Is it fear of losing some kind of control over the Middle East? The Middle East doesn’t even have control over the Middle East. There is so much hate between the different religious groups that it will take many generations before they will forget the atrocities that they’ve already suffered. Is it some kind of obligation to police the world? Let the people and leaders of those countries police themselves. I don’t think that we need those nations to prosper in the United States. I believe those nations need us and all the resources we possess.

What are the reasons and justifications for us to be involved in the Middle East? It is so complicated that we will not understand it? Is there some secret reason that the general public cannot be informed about it?

When I go to vote I vote for leaders. And in the recent past, from the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraqi war and Afghanistan war the sitting president and the Congress have voted for us to be involved in those countries struggles. Why, in the released records and papers of the past times, we repeatedly hear the President of the United States struggling with why we are staying in an area and paying the cost of lives. I am reminded of President Johnson and his remarks about not being able to get out of the conflict in Vietnam. I am also reminded of President Bush and his claims of weapons of mass destruction that were not there. Yet we stayed in Iraq for years and lost many lives and spend billions of dollars. My hope was that Pres. Obama was going to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. But there must be some secret reason that he is compelled to send American lives back to Iraq.

We cannot control or even hope to help the nation that is not willing to help itself. The term” can’t we all just get along” is not currently possible in the religious wars in the Middle East. We are welcomed by some nations when we supply them with money and weapons. But it seems that the minute things are not going their way the United States is once again denounced by the same people we helped. The United States has enough issues of its own. The fields in California are drying up and the borders in the South are being overran my people running away from their own governments and country. Yet if we look we will find that the United States is sending some billion dollars to each one of those countries governments.

We need help in educating our young and managing our existing resources. This is not to say that we should be isolationists and bury our head in the sand as the world evolves. But we don’t have to be the policeman and saviors of the world, especially in the Middle East. It would really be great if the Congress of the United States would move from being dysfunctional to a Congress that would lead and make decisions. Currently it seems like there is just bickering between parties as the United States starts to show some decay. I do not think anyone party has the answer. But I do believe that each party needs to work with the other and experience some compromises to get the job done. I think the job is to focus on the United States and its people, the infrastructure and its resources.

Let the people in the Middle East fight for and find their own answers to their problems. When they are done fighting they will realize that they really need the rest of the world, they will calm down. I witnessed this happen when there was a riot in Los Angeles in 1992. Whatever the reason was that the riots started it took about three days for the people in the areas affected by the riot to realize they were only hurting themselves. It is my thought that these countries and their religious leaders will eventually recognize the need to live together. But as long as large and big governments like the United States, Russia and China continue to support their violent actions they will continue to kill each other.

My thought of today is that the United States should not get involved in Iraq. That we should leave Afghanistan to fight his own battles and let Syria develop into what it citizens want it to be.


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