6 Teeth

I have not written any blogs in a while, because of a health issue. Not a health issue of a super serious nature. I had six in my teeth removed about a week ago. When I went to the dentist concerning a toothache I fully expected that a tooth was going to be pulled. Imagine my shock when the dentist showed me the x-rays and stated that I have six really bad teeth than need to come out. After a short time of deliberation I decided to have all six teeth pulled by oral surgeon. The main reason for this choice was that I would be put under an anesthetic and not conscious during the operation. The surgery went well and the dentist explained to me several times that I had some really rotten teeth in there. So with some pain medication in hand my wife drove me home. It took three days for me to start feeling human again. I did watch a lot of daytime television shows and more than my share of commercials. My world as I had been living it took a drastic change in keeping me inside and on medications. My first thought of today was that if is great to be back outside and active again. Your health is the one thing that you can try to control. And as hard as you try your health can take a bad turn. All the things that you’d focus on while feeling good diminish and all you can think about is trying to feel better. I will address on how to proceed with my dentist and the replacement of those teeth in a month. One thing I’m pretty sure of I cannot afford an implant which cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000 and up a tooth. But I have to wait until my mouth has healed enough to go any further.

I did get to watch a lot of interesting television channels that cover everything from American Pickers to Tree House Master. I also got to watch a lot of news programs. You can sure tell the difference between a local news station and national broadcasting station. During one of those shows I viewed an interview with an Egyptian talk show host, Bassem Youssef. I was amazed on how positive he was on life and on his ability to remain alive. Even in the face of great personal danger Youssef seem to be full of positive statements. He reminded me of the simple song “don’t worry be happy”. Even though the world around him seemed to be full of death and desperation he seemed to point out a brighter side of life.

While watching the news in the last week I watched the Sec. of Veterans Affairs resigned from his position while the deficiencies in his policies in the VA continue to be discovered. I know that just one person is not responsible for all of the deficiencies, but it’s a good start. I also watched the news coverage of several shootings. These senseless killings only remind reminded me that everyday lives are taken. It can be in an automobile accident, a child’s death from cancer or the falling of another soldier in war. If I looked to find it I will find death around each corner. The recent coverage of D-Day only reminding me of how many people can die in such a short time. I watch as Iraq falls back into the hands of what we call “radical Muslims” after years of America’s soldiers dying in those very cities. I watch to see the Republican Party as it falls apart. All of these things have been experienced by men and women in the past. And yet there is someone out there, actually many of us out there that see a happy and bright future. I cannot enjoy my life by living in fear of death. Everyone dies and I know that I will too.

So even though I listen to the news, which is mostly bad news, I look for and find the happiness that surrounds me. In less than a week my son and his wife will bring into the world a new baby. This is one of the happy moments in life. In several weeks, I will also take a long trip across the country and visit all my children and grandchildren with my wife by my side. As I search for the happy moments, still aware of all the death and danger that lives out there, I know that I can find it. All I have to do is appreciated and live in that moment of time.

Today I really enjoy being able to walk out of my house and view the forest. I was able to enjoy my coffee and even a couple of donuts that my wife so thoughtfully bought for me. I was able to watch my dogs run around in the new backyard that I built and listen to the chickens cluck and clatter as the day begins. Maybe these things are not what make you happy, but they are truly things that make me happy. So my thought at this point is that no matter where you are in life or what is happening in your life, search out and enjoy those things that make you happy.

Finally, I’m going out to my shop and use my brand-new drill. My son bought it for me and as crazy as it might sound, it makes me happy to use my new drill.


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