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This is truly a beautiful time of the year. I also looked over at a project that I just completed. And by looking at that project came today’s thought. Find a place to sit and think. The project that I’m speaking about is a bench made from a dead cedar tree that I found on the tree farm. I’d also just received a kit that converts my chainsaw into a saw mill. It is pretty basic in form and it takes a lot of effort to cut through a tree. But after reading the directions I began to cut into the dead cedar. Basically I was just trying to learn to use the new tool. After several cuts to the length of the tree, I think I cut about a 10 foot section; I looked at what I produced and decided to make something of it. And so I took a 6 foot section that was about 4 inches thick and decided to make a bench. Cedar is a beautiful wood that is full of color. After I made the bench and used the remaining parts as the legs for the bench I decided to put a back rest on the bench. I found some of the remaining tree parts that I cut and attempted to make a back rest. The cover of the cedar tree really pops out when you put urethane on it, or as I used to know it – shellac on. Once the bench was constructed I found a place for it just across from our chicken coop and along a walking path of the tree farm.

The purpose of the bench is to give my wife and I a place to sit down in a beautiful surrounding and think about things. When we are both present we talk about things as we sit on the bench. It is a place for contemplation and reflection. It is also is a place for entertainment. The bench faces the chicken coop which has two sides to it. One side has a view of the Bantam chickens with the newly born chick and the other side with a view of the 11 chickens. Each side of the chicken coop has a larger yard so the chickens can peck around for food and be in an open setting. Many times one the chickens will find a bug and all the other chickens chase that chicken in a game we call chicken football. Believe it or not it is very entertaining. The bench is made to handle all kinds of weather and at its best it looks a little rustic. In designing the bench I reflected on the many public places in the cities that I’ve lived that have places to sit and think. While I was working and found myself so very busy I would take refuge at a public Park and sit on the bench. When I lived on the beach I would take the time to find a wall or bench to sit on as I stared at the ocean in search of life’s meaning. Occasionally I would find a bench to set on just to take time to rest. Sometimes when I’m out working and I have my pickup truck with me I use the tailgate to sit on to rest while taking in the view. Many times when I was riding my motorcycle I would just stop at a vista point, remain setting on my motorcycle and look at the world. As a small child in a large city I would use the steps of the front porch to sit on and watch the world go by. The point of all this and the thought of the day are to find a place to sit and think. No matter how busy your day is or crazy your world is there is that place that you can find near where you’re at. It just takes a little commitment to find the place and use it to sit and think. You may not be able to answer all the questions in life by doing so but I think you will appreciate life more if you can find that place. It doesn’t have to be clean it doesn’t have to be new or really designed as a place to sit and think. For example while walking through the tree farm I find myself sitting and thinking on the log that has fallen to the ground. And I don’t think you have to sit there for a long time and think really or answer any questions, just take the time to sit and think.

I got to go, the sunshine is strong and the weather is fine, so I need to be out and about.




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