Happy Mother’s Day

Today is the second Sunday of May which is the day in America where we all say” thanks and I love you” to our moms. Mom is such a strong word and to each of us it represents a certain image. Moms come in all ages, shapes and sizes and yet they all were the title of mom. President Woodrow Wilson gave us all a day to recognize our appreciation and our love for mom. That is not to say that is the only day that we show our appreciation and love for mom.

As I was growing up I first became aware Mother’s Day when I was in first grade. With the help of my teacher, a woman and a mom, I made my first happy Mother’s Day card to take home to mom. In the years that followed I continued this tradition of giving mom a card with the message inside of how much I appreciated and loved her. I think during my teenage years I struggled to keep the tradition going. But by the last year of high school the tradition reappeared. Starting in my 20s I would present the card and usually some flowers with great fanfare. Even though I told my mom I loved her every day, Mother’s Day was a day of really going out of the way to show her how I cared. As I grew older and became the father my mom now became grandma. And as the years went by there became a small legion of children and grandchildren who took the time on Mother’s Day to show their love and respect. Each one of us and our children would use the term mom with great respect and love. As my sisters grew older and had children themselves the tradition of Mother’s Day only grew stronger.

My mom became a mom at a very young age. When I look at the pictures of my mom when I was born she looked more like a child herself. With great love and affection and sometimes a little correction my mom raised a family. I was fortunate that my mom and dad stayed together, married, all of their lives. I feel that the word mom is a word of respect and love. Not everyone that we call mom is our natural mom. But they deserve the title of mom. Not all moms live long enough to watch their children grow up and watch grandchildren appear. But no matter how long they were on this earth they are still mom and will always be called mom. They will be remembered with the same respect and love as the mothers are with us today. Even though many of us dads have always been there for our children, it always seemed to me that the moms were more likely to always be there. Maybe that’s why when someone accepting an award or they are on the television, one of the first people they thank is mom. I believe that the moms deserve this recognition and thanks. Moms, no matter what their age or where they live, are always there for you. Even when you’ve done something wrong the one person who is most likelyto stand by your side is your mom. Not all moms are perfect or even good. But they are always your mom. There is something so strong about that relationship that no matter what happens in your life one of the people you’ll probably turn to is your mom.

Sometimes I would forget that my mom was a woman. She was a wife and a worker. She was a human being with feelings and she experienced all the aches and pains of physical and mental health. Many moms are the chief operating officer and budget director of the family. They are by nature given the responsibility of giving birth. Some moms will remind you of the fact that she carried you insider for nine months and she experienced the pain of your actual births. But most moms will tell you that it was one or greatest achievements and moments of her life. Moms seem to remember everyone’s birthday and she reminded us dads of those dates. There are no real qualifications for mom other then she must be female. There is no qualification as to her age or where she’s born or how she looks. I do believe that while pregnant moms do glow. Many moms work hard to get back into shape after the birth of her child. But no matter what shape she is in she will always be mom.

Today’s is Mother’s Day; a day to appreciate and show your love for your mom. For those of us whose mothers have passed on we find other ways to show mom how we appreciate her and love her. Today I will go outside and turn on the sprinklers while the sun is shining and look for the rainbow that will appear as the sun shines through the water. My wife and I will both look for the rainbow and when we see one we will say” hi mom I love you”. Each time we see a rainbow we say this. But today we will have to make our own way to create the opportunity to see the rainbow. With or without the rainbow we think of our moms every day. But it is always special when we see the rainbow.

So my thought for today is to say” happy Mother’s Day I love you and miss you.”


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