Why are Americans so infatuated by England’s royal family?

 As I drank my latte (it’s like old times when I lived near a Starbucks) I smugly said to myself this is my kingdom. I feel like I am the King of this land.Then I asked myself, what are you crazy? There are no kings and monarchies in the United States of America. But everywhere you look Americans give things titles as they do in England. As I watched the daily news there was this long piece on England’s new Prince George and his parents in one of England’s empire countries. Several minutes were spent on this young baby crawling around with other small children. With all the newsworthy events in the world why is that so important? Royal families, didn’t our founding fathers fight hard to get away from the King of England? This is not to reflect on England’s current royal family members who are traveling through their empire. But rather to look at American’s fascination with titles such as those used in England. It seems like the terms: King of —– or Queen of—— is used a lot in America. Even Charles Barkley, retired basketball player, refers to himself as Sir Charles Barkley. Our TV personalities, especially late night personalities, fight for the title of king of late-night television. It is not uncommon for children to be called a Prince or Princess. However I believe the term Princess is used a lot more than the word prince when referring to children. Many times the wealthy and influential families in America are treated like royal families. Singers and entertainers seem to want to use royal titles, like Duke Ellington and Queen Latifah. If you are interested in rodeos there is a title of King of the Cowboys (I’m not sure but wasn’t Roy Rogers referred to in that way?). Even in some of our daily conversations you hear: that guy is a prince or she acted like a princess. It really seems that Americans still want royal family titles.

I will admit that sometimes I think there are royal families. This started with the Roosevelt family, then the Kennedy family. More recently there is the Bush family. I don’t want to forget the Clintons. It seems like when any member of those families run for an office they get it. Currently, President Obama is truly exception to the past. With the vast multitude of people who live in United States why do we vote for members of the fore mentioned families? What is the fascination with royal family titles? And not just the English version of a royal family: but the Arab world royal families. Although I don’t hear the title Sheik used a lot, I do hear of the royal family in the Arab is a world.

I have the impression that the United States of America desires democracy, not monarchy. I do not see the USA with a King or Queen in power. And I do not see titles such as Sir —– or Duke and Duchess of ==== given out in the USA.

So why does it seem like Americans want such titles. For all the work and effort that went into our history to make everyone equal, is it going to disappear? It sure sounds like there are many people out there who want to be a King or Queen. I know you probably say I getting way too serious about something that is done in fun. But it is a thought: is the future of America made up with the Kings or Queens. Will only families who have a history of their family members as president, senator or congressman be allowed to continue to dominate and rule? Maybe we just watched too many Walt Disney movies where there’s always a Prince and a princess, King and a Queen as main characters in the fascinating stories that are told. Maybe it’s the fact that many people want to feel like royalty. I think they would like the title but would be surprised that the responsibility that goes with it. They might want to be the king and the queen of the prom or homecoming, but of a country? I don’t think they would enjoy the responsibilities that go with taking care of all the subjects in the kingdom.

I guess I got this thought started this morning because it didn’t seem as news worthy to me to watch one of England’s royal family, little Prince George, crawling around with other small children. I am surprise in this day and age that New Zealand or Australia still recognize England’s royal family as their royal family. India many years ago woke up and declared its freedom. That is not to say that the country ran any better without a King or Queen, but each person in India felt more like they were in control of their future.

I do not mean to infer that I do not like England’s royal family. The Queen of England is an admiral person and the princes and princesses are good people. And as a grandfather watching little Prince George crawling around was cute and remind me of my children. But is it really that noteworthy. Maybe it’s the appeal of a royal family soap opera that keeps people watching.

So back to my thought for the day, why are so infatuated by England’s royal family? I don’t know, do you?


Ps I haven’t been writing a lot lately as spring is here with its warm weather, I am outside a lot.

I also have been a little grumpy lately (an old man’s tradition) after watching the news. So I have been holding back and cooling off.


One thought on “Why are Americans so infatuated by England’s royal family?”

  1. I’m Canadian and I love our connection to the British Monarchy!

    In Canada we have a Constitutional Monarchy, which IMO is infinitely preferable to America’s presidential system. Our government will never shut down. On the off chance everyone in government went crazy, the Queen could still technically step in. I love this!

    If they’re going to print news about celebrities either way, it might as well be a future political figure such as Prince George, rather than a Kardashian.

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