Grass, what does it mean to you?

Two days ago after clearing off all of the leaves in the backyard my wife and I decided to put some sod grass on the backyard, it was then only a dirt yard. So my wife went online and found a local company that sold sod grass. She also contacted the local Home Depot and found the price to be almost 4 times that of the local company. So she ordered sod grass from the local company. Two pallets of grass were delivered to the house in the morning. The weather forecast for that day was that it was going to involve thunderstorms in the afternoon. So as soon as the grass was delivered we began working on putting the pieces of sod grass on the ground. We were almost done when the delivery truck show up again in the front of our house. I noticed that the truck had another pallet of sod grass on it. As the driver walked from his truck to me he explained that one of the pallets of sod grass he delivered earlier in the day was not supposed to be on the truck. It was an older pallet that had dried out. I told him that I noticed that the pieces of grass look very distressed. But I also know that St. Augustine grass can withstand some harsh conditions. The driver told me that he had brought a new pallet of grass. I told him that we had already laid the older pallet of grass. He just smiled and asked if he could look at the older pallet of grass that was already laid. He took one look and said that he would tell his boss that the older pallet had already been laid. He said not to worry that the company was going to give us the new pallet of grass anyway. It is been a long time since I have run across such a responsible and honest company. They did not have to come back. I think initially they were just going to trade the old pallet of grass for the new one. But once they’ve seen that it already been laid, they give us a new pallet anyway. Needless to say I will continue to use this company.

This was very good news and it also gave me enough pieces of grass to finish the backyard and also cover the small front yard. So my wife and I were very hard very quickly to lay down all the pieces of sod grass, three pallets. That is what led me to my opening statement about looking out of the front yard and smiling. I know all of the homes that I’ve owned had green grass in both the front and backyard. It always made the house look good and made me feel happy. The downside of having all that grass is that it takes a lot of maintenance and money to keep looking good. There is the cost of treating the grass with fertilizer and weed killer. There is also the cost of the equipment, like a lawnmower and an edger.

I think some of the first money I made as a child was mowing other people’s lawns. When you look at suburbia it seems like every house has a grass yard. For many people it is a symbol of not only having money, but having a classier place to live. Of course many people who have a nice lawn also put a lot of money into having flowers and shrubs and even trees in it. There’s just something special about having a nice green lawn.

I hope that when you read the opening statement you were not expecting me to talk about the kind of grass that people get high on. Even though I think many people envision having marijuana in their lives a good thing. I’m not one of them. To begin with most people have to smoke to enjoy or get the effects of marijuana. Smoking is bad for you and those people around you, no matter what it is you’re smoking. I think a lot of states have given up the fight against the use of marijuana. Maybe it’s because of my generation of baby boomers who used marijuana when they were young, and now that they are older in charge of things they find it hard to find fault with its use. I think it was a joke when the term medical marijuana first appeared on the West Coast. It was just another way of getting around the law at the time. I am tired of people bringing up the use of alcohol versus the use of marijuana. Those that use this example are simply trying to take the focus off of the subject of marijuana. The abuses of any substance can be harmful. My main objection to marijuana is that most people smoke it. Smoking is just bad, not only for the person smoking; but for those people around them.

So to get back on track, if you thought by the opening statement this is going to be about the use of marijuana, you’re wrong. This is about the simple joy of having green grass yard around your house. One of the things I was amazed at while traveling was Central Park in the middle of New York City. It is beautiful and it seems impossible that it exists in the middle of all that concrete. So besides the beautiful trees, the grass on the ground makes it a beautiful place. I think if you look at any city and Its Park system, every Park includes a generous amount of grass on the ground. When you look at baseball, football and soccer, they are played on a grass field. I’m not much of a fan of Astroturf or fake grass. And of course I don’t want to leave out the sport of golf. Were the groundskeepers were hard to keep the grass beautiful. The Masters Golf tournament is coming up soon. Take a look at the beautiful conditions of that golf course. The major part of that golf course is grass. I know that there are professionals who keep the parks, playing fields and golf courses looking green. It is a huge industry and yet it seems to always be changing.

So let’s go back to my opening statement. Grass, what is it mean you? To me it’s a thing of beauty that takes time effort and money. And for me it is a symbol of life. It makes me smile in the morning. I hope it does the same for you. Keep smiling.


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