What is that crunching noise beneath my feet?


As I looked out at my front porch this morning; that’s right looked out, there was a view of white snow and sleet covering all the forest. The temperature is about 19° and the wind chill brings it almost down to 0°. So I took a photograph from the blog room window looking out at the white forest floor. I went out of the house and took a few more photographs of the snow on the ground to send to my wife, who is in California. As I walked out of the house and stepped upon the white snow I heard this crunching noise. It was the sleet beneath my feet making that very distinctive sound. Is been a long time since I’ve heard that sound. It was probably 30 years ago when I was up in the mountains of California trying to ski that I heard that sound. But with the cold wind and the frigid air around me, it reminded me of when I was a child living in Indianapolis Indiana during the winter. I quickly checked on the animals and the chickens, they were all fine. But I did run into a problem trying to open the doors of the chicken coop and the chicken yard. They were frozen shut; I cannot remember the last time I had to break through some ice just open a door. I had a heater on inside the chicken coop and so the chicks were just fine. The bigger chickens, out in the chicken yard, stayed underneath the tarp I placed to keep them out of the rain. I’m pretty sure they didn’t know what to think about the snow on the ground. I put some freshwater into the water tray which at this time was frozen over. I know that in a little while I will have to do the same thing as the temperature here is not supposed to get over freezing today. I do not like the cold weather, that is why I originally moved to California and then into Texas. But I can handle it as long it doesn’t last very long.

I was inside watching the television “and what to my wondering eyes should appear” but the United States and Russia going at it again. This reminds me of when I was a growing up and I lived under the threat of the atomic bomb being sent here by the Russians. I’m sure many of you can remember the drills we used to go through of hiding under the desk or next to a brick wall in order to save us from a nuclear blast. I think I am like a lot of other Americans and I’m tired of wars and I’m tired of saber rattling from the United States and Russia. The country that Russia is currently invading used to be a part of the USSR. Most of people there speak Russian and still believe they are Russian. I do not really care if Russia goes back to that country and takes it over. I do not see any real benefits they will receive from doing this. I do not believe that this action threaten United States at all, if Russia wants to expand its control over country that used to be part of Russia I do not see a problem. I am concerned, even frightened a little, that the United States of America would even get involved in this. The last couple of wars we’ve been in started off with the use of sanctions against that country. I do not think that stern warnings or hard words really mean anything in the international community. I hope that the United States of America and its leaders will stop being the policeman of the world. Before we go to battle with Russia again, I would like to know the reasons why we need to get involved at all. The fact that some people want everyone to live in a democracy is unreal. We should address our own problems here in the United States of America. Let’s use some of that money we spend on sending troops to foreign lands on domestic issues and fixing up our infrastructure.

I really don’t think that any, stern warnings to Russia’s President Putin is really going to have any affect at all. Putin was the president of Russia and then his term ran out and he chose his own successor. Then as soon as he could, he became the president again. Why mess with this man. I do not think that Russia or any other country thinks that we are weak, if so they would’ve made some kind of an effort to take over the United States or any one of our territories. The last time that Russia fell apart it was because of economics, not politics.

Let’s quit being the world’s policeman or the world’s conscience and get real for a minute. If you watch the evening news it seems like every month there’s a new calamity or a revolution happening in another country. Look at the Arab world. After a while this seems like the old Abbott and Costello comedy sketch of “who’s on first- what’s on second and I don’t know is on third”. The United States often puts its money and manpower into getting a resolution that the United States likes. We are not always right nor are we that holy that we should tell other people, religions and nations what to do. I think we can lead by example of making our country the very best place to live. The citizens of Mexico figured that out. Without going to war with Mexico in the last century, many of the citizens of Mexico and other South American countries find a way into the United States of America. They are here because of the quality of life and the standard that we have set for this country. I think the last time that I checked there are literally thousands of people from all over the world waiting to get a visa to live in the United States.

I am tired of all the saber rattling and the name-calling when it comes to our foreign relations. The United States of America cannot always be right nor can always be a counselor, policeman or savior of another country. With the current state of our Congress I cannot imagine anything really happening until after the next general election. So I hope that our current Congress and President do not write a check that we cannot cash. I think we need to bring our troops home. We need to focus on the problems that are inside our borders. We need to stop meddling in other countries affairs. If there’s something that’s going on that I or other Americans do not see, maybe it’s time that something is shown to us that would change our minds about going abroad and being involved in foreign matters. I’m not saying we should be an isolationist and not notice what is going on around us. We have got to stop being the big brother, big sister and the policeman for the world. If you look at other newscast from abroad you will notice that other countries do not see the United States of America in the same light that we see ourselves.

I think a lot of this was brought on this morning by the sound of crunching snow beneath my feet and the vision of Russian troops marching their way into my country. It was that kind of sound and vision that worried me through my childhood and my teenage years. The hidden fear of another Cold War with Russia or China is very disconcerting to me. If we have to go to war because we are invaded, as happened on Perl Harbor Day in 1941, then let’s do that. But if another countries leaders call and want us to stop the bully from hurting them, I think we should let them handle their own problem.


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