I don’t think I want to sell it now.

As I was taking the trash to the trash bin I looked over at my victory red Chevy Silverado 1500 Z 71 pickup truck. I bought this truck in 2011; it was the very first time I did not buy a vehicle with all the bells and whistles. When I bought this truck it had cloth seats. I usually buy vehicles with leather seats. The seats are not heated or cooled. The seats came in a dull black and gray color. So to jazz it up a little bit I bought some seat covers that match the color of the truck and they look like leather. To my surprise they look great and each time I go to valet parking I get a great comment from the valet about the seats. I added some matching running boards and I bought a folding Tonto cover for the back bed. Just recently I replaced the tonto cover and bought a camper shell that was painted to match the color of the truck. The truck colors are basically victory red with black trim. The interior of the truck looks almost brand-new. It’s a crew cab I don’t think there’s been a dozen times somebody’s has rode in the backseat,

As my family knows I love the buy new vehicles. There were times I owned a vehicle for less than a year and I would buy another new vehicle. Sometimes I would use the excuse that I wanted all my vehicles to be under warranty. The reality is that most new vehicles really don’t need a warranty as they are new. It is the five-year-old vehicle that starts showing problems and that is when you need a warranty. But now that I am retired I really cannot afford to buy new vehicle every year. My Chevy truck is a 2012 and it still has low mileage. That does not stop me from looking at the new truck lines that are out. My wife even looked at Ford Flux because her sister just bought one. I find myself looking through the finances and trying to find a way to justify buying a new vehicle.

While doing this I washed and waxed my Chevy truck. I used a turtle wax product on the tires. This was right before my wife went to Houston to visit her sister. During her visit I again started looking at the different truck models and their prices. When my wife got home from our trip she parked the truck on the driveway in front of the house. It is parked where I can see it while in the blog room looking out through the window. And each time I do that the truck looks great. If I were to sell it now I would have seller’s remorse. I think this happens a lot with people. Right before they go to sell something they clean it up or fix it up to look the best it can. It is usually after that effort that a person really starts thinking that the item for sale looks great. Usually after putting it up for sale someone else sees a good-looking item such as a truck and negotiates the price. As then the item leaves or you watch the truck drive away you start feeling the seller’s remorse.

I’ve had the same experience in selling houses. I think we sometimes forget is about all the things that you have done additionally to the truck or the house. For example when you buy a new house you usually put in the sprinkler system to make it look nice. I put a lot of time and effort into the front landscaping of some of my homes. Landscaping does not come cheap nor does the cost of keeping it up. Let’s say you buy a house that’s been occupied before. You will usually change something out in the house. Maybe it’s just the carpeting or the flooring or something in the kitchen. You’ll discover the things that no longer work well and you will replace them with new and updated items. If it’s a vehicle you will also make changes to the vehicle. Many people buy new wheel rims and tires. Or they will update the interior and in my case by camper shell, running boards and seat covers. You usually don’t get your money back for what you spent to add onto a vehicle or a house when you sell it. So in the excitement of possibly getting a new house or vehicle you tend to forget about all the money, time and effort you put into the old one. I watch a lot of TV shows on the Velosity channel. Basically it’s a TV channel for car guys and gals. Some of the shows are about companies that buy cars, repair them and sell them. Many of the people buying these cars are trying to bring back a piece of their history. They had owned the car before and now they would spend a lot of money to relive the feeling of owning that old car again. I know in retrospect there are several cars I wish I would have not sold. For example, my 1965 Mustang convertible that I owned for almost 30 years, and then sold or more recently my 2002 Harley-Davidson Ford F1 50. These vehicles were paid for and they looked great. But I got swept up and the excitement of the hunt and purchase of a new vehicle.

This brings me back to my thought of the day. Do I really want to sell my truck? It looks great and has no defects and is as functional now is the day I bought it. I know that I cannot afford to keep this vehicle and buy another one. So as I’m writing this blog, I’m looking out my window at my beautiful red Chevy Silverado and for now I made the decision to just keep on driving the truck, I don’t think I want to sell it now.


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