Sometimes you just have to live for the future.

For the first time in my adult life I did not watch the president’s State of the Union speech. I knew that in the morning there will be several reviews of his speech and I would highlight the individual important parts of his speech. I do not like watching the circus show of one party standing up to applaud the president with the other just sitting there. This is not done by each individual senator or congressman. They stand or sit strictly along party lines. It wasn’t so much that I do not appreciate the president or that I am concerned about what he has planned for the future. It knowing that the Congress of the United States will probably waste another couple years fighting amongst them regardless of what the president wants, the current Congress seems to be relentless in standing their ground on almost any issue. Rather than compromising on a few issues to keep the country running, they continue to act like neighbors who hate the neighbors. My biggest disappointment is with the grand old party, the Republicans. I have for almost all my adult life considered myself a Republican and I usually voted for those people from the Republican Party. In the last 20 years I’ve made some exceptions and tried to look more intensely at the candidate rather than blindly follow the Republican Party. Not all the choices were good but it seemed during those years both sides of the House and Senate would find a way to compromise and get things done. Yes, there are winners and there are losers if you look at the individual elected members and their positions. But in the last decade it is I, a citizen United States, who is the loser. When the Congress cannot agree to keep things going it affects all of America and its allies. I would consider myself middle-class and therefore usually voted for a more conservative representative.

If I was to look at one of the things that is made this Congress and an ineffective and non-developing government agency it would be the rise of the Tea Party. I must admit when I first heard of the Tea Party I had visions of the battles of our founding fathers. I took a good look at the candidates and as a candidate most seem to be reasonable people. Once they got elected they became so rigid in their positions that they have absolutely brought the Congress of the United States to a standstill. I consider the Tea Party to equal the word filibuster. The tea party, unlike our founding fathers, seems to be so rigid and their views that there is no room for cooperation or compromise. Our founding fathers embraced compromise to make it possible for the country to grow. If you look back at some of the old editorials, you will see that some of the same disputes existed about the country. But back then the country was more important than one single view and there was compromise to keep the country going forward.

I believe that the Democrats share some of the blame. The Democrats are the same liberal group of people. In my adult life I have not seen much of a change in what they’re trying to do. In the beginning it looked like they were trying to give everyone the American dream without those people even trying to earn it. Like the song says, “money for nothing”. During the past the Republican Party and the Democratic Party eventually work together to keep the country going forward. There’ve always been doomsday people elected into office who constantly predict the end of the United States. McCarthy swore that the doom of the United States would come from the Communist party. He was wrong. Tea Party elected officials seemed only to be listening to a small group of fanatics who would rather stop the progress of this country rather than compromise and keeps the country going into the future. Like the president stated in his address, let’s quit trying to re-battle the Obama care issue. For those that did not go for it, you lost. So let’s get on to the next battle maybe you will win and maybe you will lose. But to keep revisiting something that has already happened as if you can take it back is counterproductive.

I am not sure who or what I will vote for in the upcoming elections. In the past I would’ve probably looked only to the conservative Republican Party. But I found that since the injection of the Tea Party into the Republican Party there is no going forward into the future. So I will look at the individual that I am voting for and their capability to fight for their beliefs and still be able to compromise the necessary. I like many of you are married and in marriage there is compromise. And with compromise there is a long lasting loving marriage.

Not to reuse a phrase that brought the Democratic president in the power, but is time for change. Don’t vote for the person who is been setting in that elected chair for the last four years and allowed the Congress to grind to a halt. Elected officials have been in office a long time appearing to think they have powers that the common man does not understand. But newly elected officials still seem to try and listen to the people who elected them and they seem more likely to work with other elected officials. The only exception to that rule so far has been the Tea Party elected officials. So, when deciding on who to vote for take a hard look. If it is the same old previously elected official, then rethink it. Let’s put some new people into Congress. They will probably take a little longer to get things going as they are new to their job. But the bottom line is that they are going to make things go forward.

Don’t reelect but rethink and then vote.


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