Want to feel good, go chop some wood.

I am sure that there are many people who live north of my home who would gladly have the temperatures in the 30s versus their subzero weather. But the deal is I live in the South because I like the warm weather. So let an old man complained a little bit about the cold air. If that is all I have to complain about I should probably just grin and bear it. I used to joke that if it keeps getting this cold I would have to move south. Well it won’t be long before it is spring I will forget about the cold weather and love where I am at.

Yesterday I watched the news and the weather was overcast so I was feeling a little sad. You would think by now that if my day started off overcast I would not watch the news. And so later that night I watched the Grammy awards. I used to work in Los Angeles which includes Hollywood during all the award shows. The good thing about having an award ceremony in your town is that it creates a whole lot of money. I got to see the beautiful people walking down the red carpet displaying their charisma and their wealth. The real effect is that these people spend a ton of money to look the way they do and arrived the way they do. It is outrageous what they will pay just to be brought in a limousine. It is even more outrageous what a non-celebrity will pay to arrive in front of the award ceremonies location in a limousine. The pricey restaurants are full of patrons paying top dollar for their meal. The local governments get the money from the taxes they receive during this time. After many years of being around the ceremonies such as the Grammys I find myself totally unaware of the people that are mentioned as nominees or award winners. For example, the duo from France that dressed up like robots.

I do not have a clue what they sing or how they sound. But they were treated with much excitement while arriving at the awards and while receiving awards. I used to be amazed at all the people that would line the red carpet and scream and yell at the people as they arrive. Where do they  get these maniacs? They are from the local community. There are people who have not missed a red carpet in many years. And they know how they’re supposed to act, crazy. It doesn’t take long to look at all the beautiful people and also notice the people they arrive with. You know their significant other or their son or daughter. Sometimes it looks more like a beauty and the beast contest. And even as I was working around the event it was easy to get swept up in the excitement of the moment. Sometimes after the event I would feel like less of a person. Even though the celebrities are people like anyone else, except they have a lot of money to enhance their lifestyle. I know, while I work the Hollywood area every now and then I would go to a celebrities house just to find out I have the same problems that everyone does.

So after listening to all the news and watching this elaborate event I needed to feel grounded and better about things. So I went out next to the shop and started to cut and chop wood. I cannot really imagine how life was for those frontiersmen who crossed this great country and lived off the land. But I’m pretty sure part of that experience included cutting and chopping wood. I admire the spirit of the frontiersmen and so it felt good to go out and chop some wood. There’s a reason for cutting and chopping of the wood. The weather is about to get cold again and after getting last month’s electric bill I know that I need to use more wood for heating the house. It helps when the weather is nice so that cutting and chopping the wood is not done in rain or snow. I turned on some music and then selected the type of wood I was going to cut and chop. I am fortunate that live on the tree farm and there are many trees that were already down on the ground when I got here. I simply collect them up, cut off the branches and then moves in next to the shop. I stacked the logs into different categories. One is softwood or pine and the other is hard word or oak. I get out my trusty chainsaw and start cutting off different links of the log. Longer links for the fireplace inside the house and real thin pieces for the small wood burning stove in the shop. For a long time I had to use an axe to chop the pieces into the right sizes. Then my wife bought me a log splitter last week and so now it is a whole lot easier splitting the wood. There is the occasional piece that has a knot in it that I use the axe on. So the atmosphere that I’m working in is wonderful. The actions that I’m taking are necessary. And the finished product looks pretty good.

So my thought for today is if you want to feel good go chop some wood. If you do not have the capability of chopping wood then go out and do something physical. Go out and breathe the air, shovel the snow or just pick up the stuff in the yard. If your big-city dweller, then go out and help someone. Help them shovel off the snow, move a piece of furniture. If you want to feel good get out and get active.


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