Want to be respected? Just wait long enough.

I watch Sunday Morning on CBS because it exposes me to such things as the arts and nature that I probably would not take time to enjoy. Each week they find a way to present a story about an issue or a person that is usually presented in a positive way. The programming has style and grace to it and for an hour and a half on Sunday morning; I will watch and sometimes enjoy some of the topics that are presented. For example, I do not enjoy most of the arts that are old and outdated. The ballet and the opera are two of the performing arts that I find are so out of date that I usually do not care to be involved in their performances. However, the Sunday Morning TV show does a good job at showing some of the personal sides of the performers and they usually give a good history of the art itself. This week they did a story on the aging rapper who I knew as Snoop Dogg. To begin I’m not a fan of rap music, usually because of the language and the violence mentioned in the rapper’s lyrics. Certainly, Snoop or Snoop Dogg as he was known in the beginning of the emergence of rap music. He represented to me the worst side of the human being. His actions glorify gang activity and violence, his language was obscene and his message was antisocial. He openly used drugs then and still does now. But it seems that if you live long enough, no matter how you got the world’s attention, you want to become respected. In the story that I watched, most of the story was about the person Snoop has become. It focused on his work with children; he formed a football league for small children in the depressed areas of the city. It showed him singing to the president and his wife along with all the other respected people at the Kennedy Center.

I’ve seen this before where someone who started out in getting the world’s attention by being outrageous and antisocial grew older and now wants to become a respectable person. They want that group of people who they seemed to have hated now to become their friends. There was nothing admirable about Snoop Dogg’s beginnings or messages. Even on today’s show he did not deny the violent nature of his beginnings. But now that he is been married for 20 years and has a number of children plus he is getting older, he wants everybody to like him as a good respectable person. He still uses narcotics while writing and producing his songs. That it is supposed to be overshadowed by his work with children. Seriously, it looks like a no matter how bad or notorious you were you can throw the word children into anything that you do your past to be forgiven. Lately there has been a lot of news coverage about a very young singer named Bieber. He started out on to be the all American good kid. And just like many young people who have a lot of fame and money he is temporarily, I hope, gone to the dark side. This could be the kind of person that I could forgive for some of the actions that he is living out in his young age. That is if he can turn around his life. On the other hand, not that anyone should really care, there’s no way that I’m going to accept Snoop as a good person and someone to be admired. It has been said; live by the sword, die by the sword. Live like a thug or gangster and be a thug or a gangster. Also in the news was the arrest of some very old original gangsters or Mafia Good fellows. They seem to live a long life and I’m sure their families see them in a positive light. Usually because they spend a lot of money on whatever they like, whether it’s her family or a neighborhood. This is also part of the formula that is used to get respect. Throw a lot of money at the people and they will respect you. This morning story did not make me mad or give me really upset. It brought me to another thought in life. If you live long enough no matter what your history you can turn things around and get respect from the people around you. My thoughts run up and down the ladder on this issue. I do believe that you can forgive people for their actions, but I don’t think you should forget their actions. You give them respect just because now they’re getting old they want to be looked at in a good light from society around them? Now I don’t think so. I think you learn to tolerate them. I think you should allow them to start doing good things and you should acknowledge their efforts. But I don’t think you should give them respect. If they were to totally reject their past actions asked for forgiveness that is another thing. But many of those famous people do not ask for forgiveness for their prior actions. They would say that’s what got them to the point that they can spend money and do good things in today’s world. I guess by being invited to the Kennedy Center is a way of showing respect from society. And I think as long as that respect for Snoop comes from his artistic invention of rap music, I understand. But as a person or someone to be admired, I can’t do that.

I do not want to go out and persecute Snoop or the other celebrities like him. I like the rest of America and the world will tolerate their odd behaviors because of the contribution to their art. Art is something that others can enjoy without endorsing the personal life of the artist. So when I see such artists on Sunday Morning I look at the contribution to their art and if I can, try to enjoy it. I still have no enjoyment listening to rap music. That does not mean others cannot enjoy it.

So my thought on this Sunday morning is about respect. And it appears to me that no matter how notorious you were or antisocial you were, if you live long enough with the help of money and the use of the word children you could make a run at being respected.


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