Happy New Year

There really doesn’t seem to be a difference between what’s going on in the December before the New Year and the January after that. But it seems that every year people around the globe find time to celebrate the New Year. Traditionally it is celebrated with fireworks complemented by music, celebrities, different drinks with hugs and kisses from friends and strangers at midnight. It’s been years since I’ve gone to New Year’s Eve party. I used to say that New Year’s Eve was a time when amateurs started drinking early and many did not make it to midnight. It seems to me that many people seem to say “love you man” while sliding off into the abyss of an alcoholic snap.

Most New Year’s Eve I’m asleep by about 10 or 11 o’clock at night. Last night, even though I live in the country far from any parties, I was awakened by the sound of an explosion, or in this case, fireworks. Even though it’s been years since I been in battle, the sound of a large explosion still makes me jump and look for cover. I’m not sure how the tradition of fireworks or loud noises found its way into the New Year’s Eve celebration. Even as a young man my parents would go out on the back porch at midnight and uses wooden spoon to bang on pots and pans and yell to the open-air, Happy New Year.

There is a new importance to the New Year for me. Since I am retired and have to live off of what I’ve saved, I have to choose when I take funds out of my retirement accounts so they do not go over a certain level of income. I have to wait until the New Year before think of taking money out of a retirement account. Sometimes I feel like a kid waiting for my birthday so that I can get a gift or buy something with my birthday money. The New Year also marks the date when I start working on the deductible amount for insurance and with my insurance plan, I will be able to go to an eye doctor.

I do admit that the ideal that on a given day you have a fresh start to your life is a good thing. For some people just waking up in the morning and getting out of bed is their fresh start. New Year’s Day is the time to think of what you want to happen in the near future. This New Year’s I did not make any resolutions. I plan to enjoy my time with my wife and family and stay healthy so I can enjoy the next New Year’s Day.

It seems to me that the evils of life do not just to disappear on New Year’s Day. But the focus on New Year’s is usually a positive one. Hope seems to grow and despair seems to diminish. The bright and smiling faces that you see on the street or on television, announce that hope is here and strong again. On this day I find myself full of hope and excited about the immediate future. I want to enjoy the environment around me while exploring the mysteries of that environment. My thoughts today include hope and are selfishly pointed in my direction. I know that there are people and places out there that need help, which never seems to diminish. But I also believe that before I can be of help to anyone else I must be strong and happy myself. I’ve always said that a person must be solid before that person can really be effective in helping others. So be strong and prosper.

Happy New Year                  Pops

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