Uncle Smackacaroni

As I walked out on my porch this morning, hot chocolate in hand, I thought back about a phone call I got from one of my sons last night. He had read the blog I wrote yesterday and he reminded me of a title that I did not mention in my blog. He thought it was important that I remember the title and he was right. So I’m going to tell the story of Uncle Smackaroni.

Some 25 years ago but, as many of my nieces and nephews were still very young, I became Uncle Smackaroni. I’m really not sure how I came up with the name but am going to give it a try. Somehow in my memory in the cartoon world there is a reference to a kiss as being smack on the lips. I can remember visiting one of my nieces as she was very ill and in the hospital. It was always a custom to give my children, my nieces and nephews a hug and a kiss when I first greet them

While visiting my niece I stated to her “give your uncle a smackaroni”. She looked at me with puzzlement. So I quickly explained that a smackaroni was a kiss. She looked up from a hospital bed with a large smile and said okay. I continued that practice of calling a kiss a smackaroni so much, and the children were so young, they began to call me Uncle Smackaroni. And soon I would even implore my wife to give me a smackaroni as well. The word smackaroni seem to the popular with the family. Pretty soon as I came into the room I was announced as Uncle Smackaroni. Even today some 25 years later I am referred to as Uncle Smackaroni. And if perchance I start to leave the house without giving my wife a kiss she will exclaim, “Where is my smackaroni?” I wear the title of Uncle Smackaroni with pride. I believe it was given to me with great affection and each time I am called Uncle Smackaroni I smile. Even some of my grandchildren know what a smackaroni is. So I offer this short blog to you to introduce you or remind you of a smackaroni.

A Smackaroni is a kiss and I was and still am Uncle Smackaroni.


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