As I watch the news today I noticed that there was a compromise announced concerning Congress and the budget for the country. I, like many Americans, am tired of the bickering among the members of Congress. I am hopeful that this recent announcement about compromise is a sign that the Congress of the United States of America has learned its lesson. I found it interesting that one of the people announcing the compromise was Senator Cruz. Who to me has always appeared as the poster child for non-compromise. I can only believe that this is an effort to change the image of the Republican Party and Senator Cruz’s. I’ve been a lifelong member of the GOP – Republican Party. But after recent events I find myself not wanting to support the party any longer. Compromise must be a tool of every Congress member and every president. Nelson Mandela certainly has been an inspiration to the world. I believe that his use of the tool of compromise was a part of his greatness.

Compromise is a part of our everyday life. From childhood to adulthood you and I have used the tool of compromise. To get a bicycle I had to make a compromise and deliver papers for a year to get the bike. I am surprised that the word compromise is not used in wedding vowels. Cause certainly the institute of marriage demands compromise on a daily basis. Do not confuse compromise with situation ethics. Situation ethics would allow you to do bad things that you would not normally do. For example, if you are out of food and had no money would you steal or even rob to get the food. Situation ethics would say yes, due to the situation. Compromise is the giving of all parties, a concession of initial demands to be able to accomplish a goal. Compromise is used every day in our courts of law. Even though the laws of the land are in black-and-white each judge makes a decision which usually involves compromise.

I think that politics is a noble career and that it takes a special person to be involved in it. When you are in politics your personal life is public. It is hoped that as a politician you will listen to all sides from the people who voted for you, to the people who did not vote for you. Clearly compromise must be a part of the everyday decisions of the running the government. It appeared that in recent past the GOP – Republican Party and the Democratic Party lost sight of compromise. I am tired of the name-calling and the demonization from one party to the other. No side in an argument is always 100% right. Because what is right and wrong really is in the eyes of the beholder. It was during the time that I was a police man working the streets of Los Angeles that I began to realize the power of compromise. Whether it was trying to talk somebody out a suicide or get someone to peacefully go to jail, I had to compromise. As a rookie cop I would to say what a lot of young parents say “because I said so”. It doesn’t take long where you are raising children or stepping in on an argument, there has to be compromise. I can remember responding to a house on numerous occasions where the man and the woman had caused such a ruckus that the police were called. I found myself trying to resolve a couple who had been together for over 30 years when I was not even 30 years old. Each time I drove up on the house I knew that after I calmed them down from yelling at each other I would use compromise to resolve the situation and hopefully keep them from going to jail. I can also recall on several occasions tried to talk someone out of suicide by using compromise to resolve the life-threatening incident.

It is beyond me to understand Congress inability’s to use compromise. I’m sure if you talk to each one of them individually they would tell you they use compromise all the time. But as neither  you or I are privy to the inner workings and communications of the Congress all we can do is watch the results. I think the grand old party is in trouble. The techniques of the past (as in Eisenhower and Nixon era) have turned into hard-liner stances. The rise of the tea party was started with what I thought was a good purpose. But those that rode that wave into office somehow left compromise behind. It was, “ their way of the highway”. I am tired of listening to the GOP still trying to derail Obama care. That battle has passed; it is as if they want a two out of three game. I say that was a loss for the GOP hard-liners. Put on your big boy and girl pants shake off the loss and go forward with new ideas.

As far as I am concerned I hope the GOP find some new faces and use a new philosophy of compromise. That does not mean that you give up on all your ideals and convictions. It just means we must go forward and cannot be deadlock in Congress. Senators like Senator Cruz needs to disappear from the front lines of the party. Even in my mind, at the present time Senator Cruz is not an asset to the party. There are few others that rode the wave of the tea party conservatives. I believe that in time and experience they will learn to use compromise as a tool to achieve their goals. But they need to step back for a while, if reelected, and work with the GOP to gain the confidence of people like me.  They once had that.

I have not made up my mind on which candidates to support in the next national election. I think the GOP should be nervous that a 66-year-old male white voter who has, since the age of 21, voted for the GOP is now unable to wholeheartedly support the party. I will look with great concern at what is next. As elections go the next national election will also affect local elections. I hope the leadership of the GOP will listen to a single voice like mine. I have been a family member of the GOP all my voting life, but the actions current GOP elected officials has become distasteful for me.


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  1. I have to agree that the GOP is making hard for people to remain loyal to them. I feel they have lost touch with the middle class voters.
    Their willingness to allow the government shut down which closed parks and building affecting millions of peoples jobs and income made me not only disagree with that strategy but actually get angry with the party that could let that happen.
    Lets hope that a change in strategy is starting and that it continues with the upcoming elections

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