It’s Not Always about Me.

My wife and I went to do a little gambling this Thanksgiving holiday, at a casino in Shreveport Louisiana. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the casino was full of people and all seem to be in a good mood. After a hard day of gambling, my wife and I decided to have a steak dinner at the very plush and beautiful steakhouse at the casino. The casino is located off the Red River and in the middle of Bossier City Louisiana. We were seated at a table near the windows that looked out upon the river which showed the reflection of the light from the other casino along the river front. The inside of the restaurant was plush and quiet. After the waiter had introduced himself and we were served some bread. While we were waited for our meal, I sat at the table looking out of the river and started to reflect about some of things that happen in my life. While doing so, I would speak to my wife and, during one of my sentences, I mispronounce a word. My wife noticed that and quickly, without malice, corrected my error. This caused me to think of a time in my life when I was often corrected about my speech. I thought of several occasions as a young teen when my speech was corrected by others. One of which was my pronunciation of the word wash, I originally would say the word “Worsh”. I was constantly being corrected both at school and at home on how to say the word wash. I was corrected once in front of the class which caused me a great deal of embarrassment, even as I think of it today. So in this quiet atmosphere of the steakhouse I began to relay the story to my wife. During this time our meal was brought to our table. I do not often open up about personal feelings to anyone, except to my wife. So as I was telling the story after the meal was brought to our table. My wife continued to look at me and she reached over and held my hand. As I was speaking I thought about how nice it was that she is trying to console me about this memory. It wasn’t until I was done telling the story that she stated “let’s pray”. So after the prayer I realized that she wasn’t trying to console me, but was waiting for me to stop telling my story so that we could pray. That is when I started to smile and realized that it is not always about me.

My wife was just being kind and waiting for me to stop talking so that she could start to prayer. I did not say anything to her after that was done as she had no malice towards me or my story. And it reminded me of the many times that I’ve been speaking to someone and in my mind talking about me. When in reality the subject was not about me at all and it usually led to some confusion when the person I was talking to responded. Usually, I picked up on the fact that there was a miscommunication about the focus of my comment, and I continued the conversation on the right subject. I believe I’m not the only one that this happens to and I imagine if you look back into some your conversations and you are speaking about personal issue to someone else, you experienced an awakening that they were not on the same page as you. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing to talk about yourself to other people, just be aware that the other person may not be on the same page and even think you’re talking about them.

A note to my followers:  I’m trying a new speech recognition program called Dragon. I hope this will result in better spelling and better grammar. It will take some time to work with the new system until I can speak fluently without any interruption to correct a word or punctuation mark made by the recognition program.


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