Thanks for giving

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that bring family together, if you’re lucky enough to have a family to bring together.  This Thanksgiving will be a lot different from the many I have experienced in my Life.  In the past, my wife and I would enjoy the traditional picture of Thanksgiving by hosting the event at our house.  Like many senior adults, we had to find a way to have enough seats and tables for all to enjoy the turkey dinner.  The protocol was usually, adults at the big table and children at the little tables.  As the children grew into adult size bodies there was a protocol established on who would take the empty seat should it become available if one of the adults could not be there.

As time went on I had to buy bigger dining room tables to be able to accommodate all the family.  At one point, the table had a representative from all the families seated.  There was my wife and I, our moms and dads, our grandparents, aunts. uncles and the occasional  close friend who is unable to be at their family’s Thanksgiving.  As our children grew into adults, the number of attendees started to diminish until it was just my wife and I and maybe one of our children and one of our surviving parents.  In all those events I would sit at the head of the table and have the honor of cutting the turkey.

Eventually, we moved away from California to retire in Texas.  Our grandparents, many of  our parents aunts and uncles had passed on.  Our children had grown to adults with their own children and they started their own tradition of Thanksgiving.  We moved again last year to another location in Texas.  Leaving behind all the family who also lived near our old home  in Texas.  We have, on other holidays, tried to connect with our families in Texas and California.  But this year many of the different family’s had decided to hold Thanksgiving in many different locations.  Usually at one of their children’s homes that is in another part of our country.  While we were invited to several Thanksgiving dinners both inside and outside the family, we have decided to do something different.

We both enjoy a little gambling and so we’re going to a casino where we will spend Thanksgiving.  If you think that a place like a casino would have very few visitors you are wrong.  There is a good percentage of people who do not have a family to share the holiday.  Or, for any one of the number of reasons, cannot make it to a family Thanksgiving.  So they find a casino and enjoy the holiday.  We plan to enjoy our Thanksgiving and  on that day, call the family members, no matter where they are and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

I called this piece, thanks for giving.  And whether you are part of a religious family or you do not believe in any religion Thanksgiving is in a day say, thanks for giving.  I am fortunate to have lived to be an old man and to have experienced all of the types of Thanksgiving that I can imagine.  And I thank all those living and passed for those Thanksgiving dinners.  I smiled and the memories of my parents who handed the tradition of Thanksgiving down to me.  I now enjoy the all the social media avenues where all the many pictures and videos of family and friends will be sent for all to share.  It makes the little bit of a sadness I feel pain of not  being with family on Thanksgiving, go away.  And I look forward to enjoying this Thanksgiving and making new memories.  I hope that you will enjoy this holiday by thinking of the positive past memories and making some new memories.  Thanksgiving is meant to be a positive and happy holiday.  So, go out and enjoy it.  I know I will.


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