The simple leaf

As I walked out onto the porch this morning I couldn’t help but notice all of the leaves on the ground.  My house is surrounded by trees most of them have leaves but a few are pine trees.  The temperature outside was about 30° so I went back inside the house to my desk to talk to my computer and write my blog.  Next to my desk is a large window that looks out upon all the trees.

The weather lately has been cold and breezy.  Most of the trees who have leaves have lost them and they lay on the ground.  Looking out at the ground it looks like some bright and colorful carpet.  Of course during the fall, the spectacle of color is brought by the changing season and is a beautiful site.  I find it as amazing with the leaves on the trees and off the trees.

During the last week as the wind was blowing I enjoyed the many pin oak tree leaves.  They are a small  leaf and when they fall in numbers you feel like you are in a ticker tape parade.  When a good wind comes along the whole area is covered in a shower of small yellow leaves this looks like the ticker tape parades without the bands and floats.  The leaves are small and so they do not cover much ground.  It is the other trees job to cover the ground.  I watch the many oaks such as a red oak and the many sweet gum trees deliver thousands upon thousands of leaves on the ground in many colors.  I’m just amazed how the forest floor looks more alive and colorful due to a simple leaf.  But I am sure this is like a “stop and smell the roses” moment.  Earlier in life as soon as the leaves fell. I would rake up the leaves to see the grass.   I even went so far as to buy a machine to mulch the leaves.  I did not realize then how beautiful they are.  Besides helping the tree grow during the spring and summer the leaf when it falls creates a beautiful scene and then while on the ground it slowly decays to enrich the soil.

This may seem a little hokie but I thought it was worth talking about.  Enjoy the simple leaf as it comes and goes each year it provides nourishment and beauty to our country sides.  I hope you live in an area that has enough trees to enjoy the different seasons in which the simple leaf can be seen.  If not find a way to get out amongst the trees and the leaves, it will be worth your time and effort.


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