More Ram

I have had a bad cough for the last few days and did not want to chance it turning into a bad cold.  So I went to my desk and started speaking to my computer.  The voice recognition program that comes with windows is not the most advanced program. So I checked the mail and found a newer voice recognition program that my son had sent me.  I tried to load the new program into my computer, an older version computer.  It did not take long for the computer to tell me that I did not have enough ram to run the program.  So I began the search for a gigabyte of ram for my old computer.  My computer is a dell and so I went to the dell site to find a stick of ram to put into my computer.  My computer is so old that even dell did not have the part in stock.  So I searched the web and found what I needed.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could find a way to increase my memory?  It would be cool to be able to go to a store or shop online for a stick of memory to put inside me so I could increase my memory.  I believe that I, like many men, as I’ve gotten older my memory is less than when I was a young man.  In today’s world if you have a bad heart it is possible to get a new one.  Or if you need a kidney, a lung or new skin it is possible to find it.  Even if you have a brain injury it can be addressed so you can continue your life.  But to my knowledge there is no product that you can buy (other than a learning game) like a stick of ram to give you the ability for more memory.  For me, I can recall pastimes by either the use of a picture or by someone telling me a story to rekindle the memory of the event.

If I want to update to a new computer there is the initial cost of the computer and then the transfer of programs and files to the new computer.  Transferring files is easy but transferring a program many times is not possible so I may have to buy a newer version of the same program.  Like most retirees I am on a very limited budget and so I will try to make do with what I have.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog I am trying to get  better with my grammar and spelling.  And it is irritating when my current voice recognition program is unable to keep up with my speech. Many times I have to stop my thoughts to go back and correct the wrong word that the voice recognition program put on the page.

So it is time for more ram.  I want to be able to experience new ways to communicate and new programs that are constantly coming out.  But to do so I will have to buy a new part for my computer.  This worries me because, if this goes like fixing up an old car, I will buy one part only to find out that by putting that new part in my car it caused other old parts to break.  By the time I would get the car to finally work. I have almost spent the same amount of money as if I would have bought a new car. As I’ve heard it said before, I made the be between a rock and a hard spot.


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