Dinosaur hair

During the last few years I had made major changes in what my hair looks like.  While I was working, for most my career, I got what was called a business cut.  During my years as an undercover narcotics detective I had long curly hair.  I was told I looked like the TV character Mr. Carter and the show Welcome Back Carter.  During the next 30 years I had various length of hair. The first time I retired and then went back to work I sported a flat top. Then slowly I got back to the business cut.  When I retired in my sixties I grew my hair down to the middle on my back. But it was so thin that after year I cut it off.

It has always seemed to me that men have very few options when it comes to hairstyles.  I am glad to have a full head of hair.  Luckily, during the past few years being bald is not so bad.  Many men shave their heads even if they have a full head of hair.  I do find it humorous when I see a man wearing a wig.  It is just sad.  They may have looked OK in the salon when purchased but it doesn’t take long before it is very obvious it is wig.  During my years on this earth I have seen men’s hair styles go from long to short and even bald.  I have seen changes in sports such as football.  It seemed that all football players use to have short hair.  Now as I watch all levels of the game it is not uncommon to see a large plume of hair sticking out of the helmet.

I’m noticing that for several years now a popular hairstyle for men is what I would call the dinosaur look.  The hair is short on the sides and longer on the top.  The hair on the top of the head is long and then push together creating what looks like a ridge.  When I first saw it I thought of two things.  First, the person must have just got out of bed.  Second, it reminded me of a dinosaur head, one of the flying dinosaurs.  I thought it was a fad and it would not stay around long.  I was wrong, now I see older men sporting this style of haircut.

I do not mean to say that it really looks bad, it just looks and unkept.  I’m sure that my father’s generation found the haircut that was sported by the Beatles to also look unkept.  And I laugh when I think of the mullet style haircut which I think was popular in the seventies.

Not a lot of fashion changes are available for men, especially working men.  Men still wear suits and ties to work (it is just a question of thin or fat tie) and others were shirts and jeans.  There are men’s fashion magazines where male models show you the possibilities of different looks.  The average or above average working man usually ends up wearing traditional clothing.  I imagine that this dinosaur hair style will be around for awhile.  It looks like it is easy to take care of and I, like most men, do not want to spend a lot of time with my hair.


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