what year is the model?

If I watch the television I can see dealerships taking thousands of dollars off the price of a 2013 model.  The 2014 models have been out for several months. It seems to me, as I have gotten older, that the next year models come out earlier each year.  So my question is how can you call it a 2014 model when it comes out a 2013.  Shouldn’t it be a 2013 1/2 model?  I seem to recall a vehicle that came out as a half year model in the past.  It is sad enough that as soon as you purchase a new vehicle and you drive it off the lot the value of the vehicle decreases dramatically.  So why do we accept the practice of carmakers presenting new models in the middle of a year, like 2013, and calling it a 2014 model.  I know that it takes years to design and engineer a new car.  The car manufacturer knows when the car is going to be put to market.  Why not wait until the next year, in this case 2014; you bring the new 2014 car model to the market. Maybe there should be a born on date rather than a model year.

While watching the TV show Motor Week I got a glimpse of a few 2015 models.  Again the 2015 models will come out in the middle of the year in 2014.  Is there some sort of unofficial race amongst the car manufactures to put out the next year model first no matter when it is?  It seemed like in the last five years most cars have the same profile and, other than headlights, they all look the same.  As I am a truck man I had noticed that there is a difference in some of the truck Brands.  I am told that next year Chevrolet will come out with a diesel engine for its pickup trucks.  Other than that a pickup truck is a pickup truck.

I, like most car and truck buyers, do not buy a vehicle based on when they came onto the market.  I look for those things that I want a vehicle.  Every once in awhile there is a new vehicle comes on the market that makes a difference?  A few years ago it was a Chevrolet Camaro.  It did not matter when it hit the market I waited like others to buy it when it became available.  I did not buy another vehicle because it came out earlier than that the Camaro.  So I think it is time that the automakers both foreign and domestic be honest about the year of the model and release it in the year its titled – 2014 model in 2014.  At the current pace you could buy a 2016 and the last months of 2014.  Now that our economy is bouncing back and more money is available to buy new vehicles I’m sure that my thoughts will hit deaf ears in the auto industry.

But that does not mean I should tell them what I think.


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