Dangerous jobs

As I was standing on my porch today with both hands around a cup of coffee trying to stay warm I thought about a news story I saw earlier on the television talking about the dangerous job in places like Water world  and how the courts could rule to shut those companies down because of the danger to its employees. If the courts can rule to stop people from working in dangerous jobs there a lot of jobs stake.  For example, police work or fire fighters who are working dangerous jobs, Many people choosethis jobs as their professions. Will the courts shut them down?  There are people who work with large animals in zoos and on private lands who have been hurt or killed as a part of their jobs working with these animals.  Should the courts shut down these people’s companies?  I know companies that specialize in raising snakes and capturing alligators; these jobs have danger will their companies be rule on to shut down?.  Will the courts stop people from climbing mountains because that is too dangerous and shut down the companies that cater to this danger.


I had to ask myself, are so many people being killed by killer whales in water park environment than people playing football.  Organized sports regularly experience serious injuries for the participants.  Whether you are; a profession downhill skier, a surfer or a hockey player,  each of those jobs are dangers and can lead to death or serious injury.  Will the court shut those businesses down?


It seems to me as there are much more serious issues and rights that would demand the attention of the courts.  I think if you willingly work a job that you know is dangerous the court should accept that choice as part of our freedoms of choice and they should not be involved.

I am sure someone will tell me that there is more to this than my simple view. Well then education me and the general public on this issue. But until then, let the public enjoy the right to choose dangerous jobs and let the companies who employ them to exist.

Just a thought


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