Some like it hot some not.

As I was sitting on the porch this morning I can feel the cold front coming in from the north.  For me I prefer the warm or hot weather.  For my wife she prefers the cooler, cold weather.  It seems to me that many couples have opposite temperatures that they enjoy.  For example, how many of you used blankets even in the summertime while your significant other is always too hot and uses just a sheet.  Are there the occasional arguments or discussions about the thermostat?  It seems almost natural that couples are divided on the temperature, some like it hot some not. I am also interested and the choice of where we live, as to the temperature there, and where we vacation.  I was born in the north and as a rule most families went south for vacation.  Most retirees moved to the south, in my neighborhood it was Florida.  And now living in the south I find many people moving to a cooler area, like Colorado.  Many seem excited to take vacations to Alaska.  I prefer going to the Caribbean islands and enjoying the warm breezes and Clearwater.  My wife would love to go to Alaska to see the snow covered mountains and the glaciers hoping to catch a glimpse of a well on the way.


This brings me to the changing of the season which is occurring now.  I already miss the warm weather even if it does mean I sweat a lot.  My wife is thrilled at the drop in temperatures and is hoping for a glimpse of snow this year.  Each season of the year has its own joys.  The fall brings cooler temperatures, thanksgiving and the color falling leaves; to me it means it’s time to break out the jackets.  Winter brings cold temperatures with a holiday spirit of Christmas and New Year’s.  This spring brings new green to the forest, the birth of new creatures and to me the opportunity to fish for largemouth bass.  This summer brings a warm temperatures and for many no school and vacations.  To me it rings travel to relatives are vacation and the ability to ride on my tractor all day along.


So enjoy the competition other controls the thermostat in the house.  Enjoying the changing of the color of the leaves, and break out the big jackets.  I’ll be on my porch looking at life and enjoying my freedom of speech.



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