As I was sitting on my porch last night resting from cutting down three dead pine trees who have been killed by pine beetles.  I found them by listening to him that trees being devoured by redheaded woodpeckers. I thought about all the certifications I’ve had my life.  The latest certification came yesterday from the state of Texas.  My property now is a certified tree farm. Why is it that many of us work so hard to become certified.  In the workplace many different professions have some sort of certification.  Weather you’re a doctor who certified in a specialty or a certified administrative assistant, it is important that you have that certification.  There are many levels of certification including Federal, state, local, profession or occupational.  I get to my meat from a certified butcher (a union certification ) and my wife get your hair done by certified beautician.  It seems to me that I had been working most my life to obtain some sort of certification whether through education or experience.


There is another type of certification that I have achieved if you talk to him my family or some of my old workmates.  Certifiable crazy, is that bad or is it good.  In my younger years it was sort of a back handed compliment.  Later in life in the workplace it seemed to become an insult.  Now has a senior citizen it seems to be both a compliment and an insult.  I, like many veterans, have been diagnosed with PTSD.  I have wondered, does that make me certifiable crazy.


It is just a thought.  For those of you who read this blog you may have noticed some spelling errors.  I had been writing these blog by using voice recognition on my computer.  In doing so I have missed a lot of grammar and spelling errors.  I am working on it but I am more excited about using new technology ( newer than a color TV) in effort to keep up with my grandchildren.  Who knows maybe a tweet is next.


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