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As I was sitting on my porch this morning, drinking my coffee, I felt the cold air and realized it is time for new winter jacket.  In the past I would go into town or the city and browse the many stores and search for the jacket.  Now that I live in the country, a rural area, my choices are very small.  So usually I will go to Wal-Mart. I always find interesting sights when going to Wal-Mart.  First of all, it does not matter how you dress.  I am always amazed at the variety or the stages of dress of the many shoppers and of the employees.  Living in the south if you go on a Sunday at about noon, you’re bound to see what I call church people shopping  in their Sunday finest.  Men in business suits or starched jeans and shirts and women in long dresses wearing heels and the children dressed in well coordinated colorful clothing, they are so cute.  And pushing a cart next to them is bubba semi dressed in camo attire sometimes in a sleeveless shirt, tattoos a blazing looking like a duck dynasty character.  Next to him as a woman missing two front teeth, her hair tied up in stages of multiple color, wearing a tank top and wearing what looks to be like pajama bottoms and some or well worn slippers.  Also in the aisle and has a very large woman sitting in one of the motorized shopping carts, her cane sticking out of one side the rest of her sticking out on both sides. She is with a very skinny old man who she calls ‘hun’as she directs him to the different items on the shelf to be put into the small basket of the cart.  There always seems to being a young family with their three kids pushing a shopping cart in which two of the children want to ride inside while the other keeps grabbing things off the shelf and mom or dad keeps putting them back on the shelf. All of these people shopping side by side without incident.


These shoppers seem to float in and out of the aisles in what seems to be practiced dance with a background of music from Wal-Mart.  Most the time the shoppers pushing a cart follow the rules of the road, driving to the right side, and are very polite when two cart reach the same location one of the shoppers gladly gives away to the other.  Due to the wide selection of various items in Wal-Mart I am always amazed at what some shoppers have in their cart.  Many senior shoppers who only shop once a month for food, like I do, use two carts while shopping.  Both will be filled up but without any dangerous overhang or obvious crashing of the bread.  It is always interesting to see the look on the face of the shopper who starts to get in line behind my two carts, usually they make a quick uturn to another cashier.


Shopping at Wal-Mart is to experience the freedom in America and the acceptance of all people.  It does not matter how you are dressed her how well you look.  There seems to be no prejudice against any race or religion.  The wealthy shop next to the poor. All in the interest of saving money and the experience of one stop shopping. Weather you are looking for a bag of deer feed, a pillow, a set of tires or a TV, you’ll find shoppers floating through the aisles putting the items in their carts and checking out in a peaceful manner.


The other adventure at Wal-Mart is in the parking lot.  Usually all the handicapped parking spots are full.  Not all the people parking there are handicapped and so you’re observing handicapped people walking ( very slowly) up and down the parking aisles.  Many drivers, no matter what size of vehicle they drive, will wait in line for a close parking spot.  Sometimes you wonder how they got out of the vehicle without banging into the car next to them.  Shopping carts are staggered all over the lot and if there is a wind it seems like an unorganized shopping cart race to see how many cars can be hit.


Shopping should be a peaceful relaxing experience.  However when shopping in a department store or a mall setting it always seems uncomfortable.  Some stores will not recognize you if you are not dressed properly.  Others will profile you and make a decision whether to approach you are just let you walk around. But if you go to the Wal-Mart in the same area you’ll find the same style of shopping as the country.


My thought was not to be an endorsement for Wal-Mart.  But rather for that style of shopping.  I would hope that the experience of shopping would be focused more on serving the shopper rather than profiling.

Just a thought.



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  1. That is why I let my handsome husband where his suspenders to walmart and don’t nag him about what he wears there. You fit in well no matter what u where

  2. Excellent advice.Only thing I’d caution is not to oversell. Confidence, in the tonality Scamp uses in his example is great. But nothing turns off a room like coming in and telling people (in essence) that your spot is clearly so fucking brilliant that anyone who dares disagrees with you is a complete and utter moron.Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that sort of hubris in action.

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