And I was sitting on my porch this morning, watching the rain fall on a new day.  I looked in my driveway at my truck which my wife drove down to relatives wedding.  I was glad to see her back at home and asked about the wedding.  She went on to tell me the story of how chaotic it was in the beginning and How beautiful it was in the end. Weddings are one of those events that can either take a lot of planning or can be very simple.  It always seems to me that if it’s going to be a big wedding you need to hire a wedding planner.  Such things as the music like the band or the DJ, needed be coordinated.  Items like the flowers, or where the tents are placed, when will the food be served and how long the event should last become a confused mess without a planner. It seems to me that one side of the aisle are the other, believes that someone else is in charge.  If it is left to one side of the isle it is guaranteed the other side’s family get irritated  or insulted if as the event the proceeds.  The groom and bride are depending upon someone to guide them through the ceremony.  Usually a relative other than the groom or bride’s mother or father will:reluctantly take charge and direct people to their seats;  tell the caterer when they are going eat, make sure the band or DJ has a right song get the official marrying the couple to get ready and do their best to get the show on the road.  This is in any wedding weather there are two grooms or two brides or a single groom and bride or multiple couple. If there is no wedding planner then someone will eventually get so irritated at the lack of direction they take charge. some wedding go very well especially if they are small. but many times what starts of with a small wedding plan ends up as a large wedding.


I’ve been blessed with sons. All of them are married now.  Each one had a different ceremony from very expensive to beautifully simple.  The llast son to get married did it on a beach in South America.  It was a simple ceremony without family or friends present.  Later with a lot of preparation a second ceremony was held in Texas with many family and friends present.  One son had a very elaborate wedding in a California mountain vineyard, it had a planner which involve the event and transportation to the site.  Three of my sons were married at my home (three different houses) each had different levels of complication.  All five events had it set ups and downs, But in the end all were remembered as great events.


My thought this morning is that if you want a wedding that will add little to no additional stress to the bride and groom. Either have a  waiting planner or have someone from both family’s recognized as in charge. So that all those involved in a ceremony and watching the ceremony can go to that person for guidance.

Congratulations to those of you are getting married even if this is not the first time.

Just a thought


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