Is it time to change the United States of America

As I was sitting on my porch this morning, drinking my coffee watching the dog play I thought back about how I’ve changed.  I am certainly not the same person that I was 40 years ago.  Some of that is because I had changed my perception on what I think is important and worthwhile.  My environment has changed from listening to only big radio in the middle of the house; to watching a black and white TV during Ed Sullivan show and then to watching color TV.  I went from learning to use a slide rule to typing on a computer keyboard and now I’m just speaking to the computer through voice recognition, my environment has truly changed.  Therefore both my development and my environment have to change. My thoughts of today is that it time for the United States of America to change.  All great cultures have eventually change and adapted to its development and environment.  Originally  many people who moved to the United States of America from other lands and developed a country with those natives who had lived here as the first humans on its soil.  During its development as more and more people moved to this great land the original 13 states grew to 50 states.  The country developed from agricultural to industrial and from rural to city life. Did the original architects of our constitution foresee all of these changes and developments?  I believe they were working to make the best of their development and their environment for the time they lived in.  In the following 200 years there have been some additions and deletions (prohibition) and still today whether through the Supreme Court, the Congress or the president United States changes are being made an answer to our changing development and environment.


I think it’s time that United States of America become several  nation-states. I know that several states including California and Texas have looked at this possibility before.  Not that I liked the USSR (I always thought they would bomb our country and as a child: I would hide under my desk when the bomb hit) but it was a big country who thought it was strong and always right and eventually it broke up into several nation-states.  You can go back to time and look at great societies, like Rome and Britain, who originally had great properties and lands.  Rome lost it all but only after several hundred years of ruling.  Britain survived by downsizing.  Both ended up differently due to its changing developments and environments.


I Have always been interested by politics.  My world went from ” I like Ike” (President Eisenhower), survived President Nixon, cried at the loss of President Kennedy, struggled with the Presidents Bush to President Obama, it seems every president and every Congress has struggled with growing changes of development and environment.  During the last two years I watched the Congress and the president struggle to get along.  Whether it is the budget (which is so big and complicated I don’t think any of them actually understands it) or Health Care (again it is so large and complicated I don’t think anyone understands it) it seems that the United States of America is so big and so complicated that even with the best intentions it is starting to self destruct.


Maybe it’s time to change and to develop a new map.  One in which shows the United States of America in a smaller size and new nation-states.  I know that northern and Southern California investigated a separation for many years and that Texas has taken several shots at becoming a nation-state. The governments of the new nation-states could get a grasp on; the budget, Health Care, civil rights and themany of challenges of a changing environment.  During recent events into appears that our Congress is broken and although I thought in time with the two major parties would work with each other which means compromise.  No one party, no one president no one elected official has the complete right answer.  Surely compromise which has existed since the beginning of our great country would handle all the new developments and environmental changes of today.  But like many cultures in the past, whether it is extremist or passive elected officials, compromise is more the exception than the rule.


Europe has seemed to handle a changing the borders and the beginning and ending at nation-states. Why can’t the United States do the same thing.  Each new nation-state or the remainder of the United States can choose it’s elected official is by popular vote or by the electoral college.  Each nation-state can decide on where it should send our men and women into military action.  Each nation-state could decide on where the money is spent.  Each nation-state could decide on who to support with funding, military backing or economical development.


Yesterday while watching the news I saw the leader of Iraq asking for a return of military help again. I hope we have learned from our past. Within a map of new nation-states each nation-state can make that decision. I am tried of sending our men and women to a foreign nation state and losing lives while sending billions to the foreign nation leaders (or which ever side we like) just to find it all disappear.  Many times I think our elected officials send our military to war as if we were still fighting world war II.  The last war we won.  Since then whether we called it a conflict (Korea)  or policing action (Viet Nam) or to eradicate weapons of mass destruction (Iraq) we have lost.  They’ve lost precious lives, a massive amount of money, and respect in other nations- states.  The United States has been called upon many times for help from nation states that in prior years hated the United States.  Has United States gotten so big that it keeps trying to police the world and now we have lost the capability of handling our own problems at home?


I believe it is time to look at changing the map.  It is not the time to destroy the United States of America and its many cultures but it is time to look at other possibilities.  If we currently accept Puerto Rico as a part of the United States yet not give it statehood why can’t we allow places like California and Texas, or  North and South Dakota, New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC become there on nation-state.  Each part of the United States could work to combine with other existing states to develop a new nation-state.  The new map of nation-states could easily work together much like Canada and Mexico work with the United States. In the past the United States courts have kept companies from becoming too large (like Standard oil) breaking the company down into smaller pieces allowing each one of those pieces to either succeed or fail while working with each other for the benefit of all.

It is something to think about.


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  1. I dont feel that breaking the union is the answer. I agree that a change must occur, but I feel that it is an easy way out to say forget everyone else lets split up and take care of ourselves. I feel it is much like a marriage that instead of just calling it quits when times get rough, you must work to make a change. We as citizens must start taking a larger role. Instead of just letting the powers at be do what they want and ruin our nation we must be more proactive. We must stand up and say enough is enough, republican or democrat doesnt matter anymore all that matters is the people. If people start speaking out, voting and not just sitting thier and complain, then we can make a change to help restore this nation to what it once was..


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