As I was sitting on the porch this morning, I notice that a branch and some leaves had covered a small bird house in front of the porch.  I thought it to be a nice picture, and maybe I could show it somewhere as art.  Which brings me to this thought of the day, what is ” art”.  Through the years I had the opportunity to visit a number of museums.  From Los Angeles to Washington, DC Beliving that what I saw is what this country calls art.  I have also gone to several small towns, county fairs and antique shops.  All of these locations proclaimed that “art” being displayed.  So while sitting on the porch I had to ask  myself- what is art.

ART as describing by the dictionary is:

something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful

or that expresses important ideas or feelings;

works created by artists : paintings, sculptures, etc., that are created to

be beautiful or to express important ideas or feelings;

the methods and skills used for painting, sculpting,

drawing, etc.

I also found that art is a craft or handy carft.

Initially, I thought I would only find art in an museum or at an exhibit.  Most of the art was created by some one from the past.  Usually the older the item the more attention was directed to it.  Later I found modern art which many times I did not appreciate or understand.

It is hard at two appreciate a painting of an old woman rocking in a chair or a painting of a bowl of fruit in today’s world. The verbal and visual environment, like video games, I tunes, movies and even my cell phone has so much more to offer than a painting or sculpture.  In the past I can understand that these pictures and sculptures and songs were the world of art.  Electronic devices were not available then and beside the beauty many pieces were sending a message to create a response or feeling.

Today there are many ways for young artists to create art.  Whether: it is a song, a building, a park, a photograph, or handicraft; their works can be shown around the world almost instantly.  Communication devices, like this blog, lets the author or the artists to create art and display at almost instantly.

So I have to change my opinion about what is art.  It is not old paintings and sculptures or songs from a bunch of dead people who lived in a time when their world and their art was confined out of where they lived.  I believed that the museum’s and exhibits are funded by the older generations who have the time and money to spend on art. I believe that my generation as it got older accepted with a we’re told as young people about what art is.  In my generation’s early years art was being reborned.  From a wall of hub caps. a house made of empty bottles, the Watts towers,Andy Warhol, colorful peace signs to graffiti.  The baby boomer generation attempted to change what we understood as art.  it is sad that the baby boomer generation, who started out developing new art now with a few exceptions, have become so sophisticated that the movement for new art has been deserted and the funding now goes to the old traditional art community.  Many of the old artist created their work while living in a harsh or poor conditions.  I would ask those of us that can afford to fund art, to look around thier world, and find a new artists.  They may be graffiti artists, corner singers, computer artist or sculpture artists

If you give a young child, like my grandchildren the canvas like a computer, they will in short order, become artist using the computer.  I hope they are supported if they continue to be involved in creating art.

Which brings main to what is an antique store.  It is always looked to me as a place of old and broken down items like furniture and paintings plus old jewelry and any other item of age.  I am always amazed at what I see in a antique store.  It looks like an organized garage sale in the same location opened beyond the usual garage sale weekend.

I conceded that art is in the eye of the beholder.  I am not a fan of old paintings of: fruit, portraits, scenic views or deformed and distorted paintings.  Maybe in the 1900s these items seemed amazing, beautiful, and created a response of a feeling.  But seriously with all the information, the ability to access the Internet, to listen to songs, watch TV or do all the above on your phone the all museums and exhibits need to wake up.  Embrace that art can change and show that change, in their museums, their exhibits and their public spaces.

I hope the following generations and just accept what my prior generation had come to call art.  With the abundance of ways to communicate and demonstrate that has to be more to art than what existing contributors fund

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