Saying forGood-by

As I was sitting on the porch I had this thought and wonder if anyone else has experienced it. Have you ever noticed that saying good-by on the phone when speaking to a wife or girlfriend is not easy if you do not say I love you when ending the conversation. Not just saying I Love you but if she says it ten times you must rely I love you ten times. Isn’t once enough? Try just saying it once if she says is again before hanging up. There will be a long silence and then she will say don’t you love me or she will use you’re proper name. Like Jonathan when you have be John during most the conversation. As a man I feel that one I Love you when hanging up should be enough. But I usually say it several times when ending the phone call with my wife.

It is usually in response to her I love you. Do not get me wrong I love her dearly, but how many times when hanging up is the proper number of time. I do not want her to think the wrong thing. It is the same with I miss you. Shouldn’t once be enough I mean what I say when I say it. But I love her so much I will say it as many times as needed.

3 thoughts on “Saying forGood-by”

  1. Dear Pops,
    You are a smart man, but, that is a really crazy question to ask when you know who is able to see it. Just saying

  2. You are a smart, loving, giving, man!!

    You know it’s not all about you, when you care so deeply, you’ll do anything to make her happy!! That’s one of the things I love the most about you!!!

    And….. When Momma hate happy, nobodies happy!!!! Hehehehehee

    Love Ya!!


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