pull over

As I was sitting on the porch this morning I saw a large truck pulling a horse trailer very slowly down the road and it reminded of my dislike for slow drivers. You know the ones that are fine driving 45 mph on a road posted at 70 mph. If they are driving on the freeway they would be honked at,  flipped off and cursed out. Cars and trucks would jokey around to get passed the slow driver usually causing accidents by trying to change lanes. I use to think that these car were driven by senior citizens only. You know an old Lincoln Continental or Mercury  with a handy cap sticker ( I think when anyone buys one of these cars it should come with a handicap sticker) dangling from the rear view mirror. I would see two hands and blue hair barely silhouetting from the car or a set of big ears. It does no good to honk or curse at them they cannot hear anyway and they will not see the bird as you display it they are concentrating on staying in the lane. But recently as I have moved into a rural area I have found all ages and silhouette’s drive 10 or 20 mph slower that the posted  limit. Some will see you coming and when it is available they will move safely over and drive in the shoulder lane or just pull over and stop so you and the ten cars behind you can pass safely. However many will continue to drive slowly and cause you and other to pass on the left oncoming traffic lane which opens you , the cars behind you and the slow driver, to an accident. Passing is always dangerous and accidents happen but the accidents usually will involve several cars. The car being passed, the passing car, the car you didn’t see driving in the oncoming lane and any vehicle still behind that find itself running into an occurring accident. So please pull over let the other pass safely. The slower car is not in a hurry so why not pull over when it is safe and let those 5 crazy driver’s behind you to get around you and on their way.  I know that the slow driver feels that it is their right to drive as slow as they want and it is the fast drivers that cause accident, but if you are driving so slow it makes people pass you many times in short passing areas. You are as much to blame as the passing motorist.



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